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KimFeilGood Guitar Performance Classes

June 20, 2019

I teach incorporating strumming rhythms to simulate drum percussion, & to simulate bass during guitar playing so as to not fall into the trap of boring strumming. I teach stage attitude presence/confidence and dance movement to and from mic. I also teach transposing music to find where to be singing in your natural voice as well as how to arrange your set list and tunings to vary your sound between songs to not create burn out for the listeners. Teaching songwriting can also be covered in a 2 hr/week session for $70 for the first session, then $60 for the next, then $50, then $40, then $30 for the last four of our eight week session with no commitment or advance payments required. If a school student cannot devote 2 hrs, we can do 1 hour sessions by halving the above fees and going for a longer term 16 week goal in learning what I have to offer over my 50 years as a female in a male dominated music world. My edge in syncopating the rhythms began in being a tamborine percussionist first. After learning guitar chords, I was bored with the traditionally taught basic 1ah, 2ah, 3ah, 4 strumming patterns. I teach how to NOT be a boring guitarist, basically. I coordinate the open mic at Truth Vinyl records and hope to have my students be utilizing the stage to refine their skills. Happy learning and have fun performing! Call or text me 817 564-2577.

How to NOT be a boring guitarist….nuff said!

KimFeilGood Pulse Dallas Busking Clip 1200 views so far

July 2, 2018

pulse dallas kim pegasus11/7/2018 Pulse Dallas video,


I should not be sitting down …I feel like I gotta move!….kim leg up truth

Here is a full clip of original, “When You Walk in the Room”







JoCo Community Radio Interview Burleson TX

March 8, 2018

Last night I was a musical guest on the JoCo Community Internet Radio show. If you go to one hour into the view I can be seen setting up to play and have a lot of fun with the staff on this link…..

At the very end, they turned down my mic and the vocals were not so loud and had a nicer quality to the sound…but in all it was great fun!

Here are some pictures….

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Hope Sung by Kim Triolo Feil

November 2, 2017


Hope sung that night through voices brave
From captured soldiers singing Praise
The prison guard yelled in a rage to kill the song and quiet the hall
Or sticks would beat them one and all

Oh silence took the place of song
The piercing void intensely strong
Until one tiny note did ring
To cause the timid brave to sing

Courageous voices knew how real
The pain to fight this battlefield
Contagious voices grew until
They drowned the soud of dark so still

Hope sung that nigh through voice brave
To usher in a joy parade
To feel alive they visualized
In cadence marching side by side
In cadence marching side by side

With eyes closed tights and wounds to heal
Music crashed through cold steel
Though the bars restrained their flesh
Souring hearts reached endless depths

Courageous voices knew how real
The pain to fight this battlefield
Contagious voices grew until
They drowned the soud of dark so still

Hope sung that night through voices brave
To sing the songs the jailbirds sang
Where sleep invites a brand new day
The jailbirds sang to fly away
The jailbirds sang to fly away
The jailbirds sang to fly away

Hope sung that night through voices brave

Just Stop Denying song by Kim Triolo Feil

September 20, 2017

kim song pestilence songHere are the lyrics to youtube video:

SPEED THIS UP 1X FOR CORRECT TEMPO written 9/19/2017 by Kim Triolo Feil aka BarnettShaleHell fractivist blogger. I was inspired to write this in thinking of the hurricane cat 5’s activity in our Climate of Deniers time.
Just Stop Denying by Kim Triolo Feil 9/19/2017
Flooding in the towns
Fires burning down
Evacuate they say
Mother Natures pissed today
Waters on the rise
Fires in the skies
Heartlands in a drought
Futures filled with doubt
Just stop denying its global warming
La la la la de, la la la la da
Don’t tel me its not real
Fossil fuels sealed the deal in unborn dying
Maniac, misogynistic, capitalistic fools
Brainwashed to excessively consume
Keeping up with The Jones’
We’ll end up a pile of bones
And no one left inheriting this mess
Mother Natures quite incensed
We are her pestilence
Permafrost a-melt
Fracking she has felt
Just stop denying ITS GLOBAL WARMING!
Mother Natures quite incensed
We are her pestilence

Ouch, I just recovered from a cat bite and so this was kinda painful to play, plus being a new song…I need time to become fluent in the song and embellish more and time it better…so first draft!!