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Bye Bye Go Daddy MyToeSpacePillow website….must (edit) or make small to read

March 8, 2019

This is a cut & Paste of what seems like an endless scroll down describing in one page my invention. The web address was  

How do I treat for GERD? 

Use up to three 9×18 bolsters (to form a triangle), w/head pillow at the base.

Enjoy how the round shape fits the curve of the neck .

How does the Toe Rest stay in place? 
Toe Resting on your back  requires 9 inches to spare at the foot-of-the-bed.

Place pillow between the flat & fitted sheets at the foot of the bed and TUCK your sheets in tightly if you do not have a foot board.

Anyone can Toe Rest while side sleeping, just position feet NEXT to the pillow.

For post foot surgery or large feet ….
Use one 11×11 for side sleepers or
Use two 11×11 and place your feet between them.

How do I treat for Drop Foot?
You’ll need a foot board on your bed and nine inches to spare.  Lay on your back and slide down in the bed so that feet are in a 90 degree, flexed position against the pillow.

Will my feet get cold without the blankets touching them?
The tent creates a cozy, draft free space.  For added warmth, our 9×18 comes with a luxurious, creamy-velvet  pillow case in addition to the cotton pillowcase.  Or for those that do not like to wear socks to bed in the winter, feel free now to add extra blankets and set your thermostat to a lower setting at night and see the $$$$avings on your energy bills! Likewise, in the summer your feet will breathe better without bedding touching your feet.

What are some other uses?

  • Yoga Bolster  or Chiropractor & Day Spa Positioning Pillow

  • Add an Armrest to the center of your couch.

  • Use as a Travel Prop Pillow for passengers on long road trips.

  • Use as a Head Prop when reading or watching TV.



“For almost the 40 years of our marriage we have had strange metal structures across the foot of our bed.

They fall over and bite our feet.

 They tangle up the sheets. 

It’s been a struggle to change linens or even make the bed. 

Last year we found  MYtoeSPACE pillow–


Thank you!! ”
Dave & Betsy M

We take sheets


Please allow a few weeks to adjust to your NEW WAVE of sleeping. We have a 30 day guarantee less transportation fees. Contact Kim Feil by email at or call (817) 564-2577

“I rate you right up there with Jobs and Ford.  Now the markets they filled were larger…”
Alan Petsche.

Sorry – Toe Pillows on BACK ORDER

call 817 564-2577 for release date

Flat ship rate US orders only $10.00

9×18 comes with 100% COTTON (summertime) and a PLUSH VELVET (wintertime) pillowcases.

Polyurethane bolster- wipe w/damp cloth only 

Filmed for ABC’s American Inventor

See TV Guide photo  as shown in video here

 Photos by at in Arlington TX

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Give the unique gift of comfort to someone you love Give them a MYtoeSPACEpillow

​”I tucked the sheets in pretty tight at the end of the bed, so it won’t be rolling out!  I slept with the MytoeSpace pillow last night and it was wonderful! 

Not having the weight of sheets and blankets on my feet was such a comfort! Thanks!”                           Kyle Nelson Cook, Arlington TX


After a 15 year career in the hospital supply business, the owner, who is pictured in the photo gallery, is proud to offer a medical podiatry pillow. However ANYONE can use it as a sleep enhancement for adults & teens!  Our first internet sale was to a podiatrist who sent one to his mother. 

 MY toe SPACE pillow® is trademarked.

“I purchased the pillow for my sister who has diabetes and complained about the weight of the covers causing her toes to turn blue.
I tested it before giving it to her and did like it.” C.Baker 

“I love mytoeSPACEpillow

and use it every night. Thanks for your wonderful product.”


Click in here to open photos


 W A R N I N G    You may become dependant on this “toe” pillow and favor it as much as your “head” pillow. Do not forget to take it with you when you travel.

“No Problems. Addiction YES!         You have a great product.” George Wada

Says Dr. Paul Donohue:       YOUR HEALTH (in addressing leg cramps at night) “…loosen the covers over your feet so they don’t pull them down toward the mattress.” 



patent# 7,555,795

Whether you are recovering from surgery, rigorous athletics, or a long day on your feet we guarantee better sleep…period.

You CAN improve your sleep by placing

feet in front of or between our podiatry pillows.  Also provides GERD relief in bed.
Where traditional blanket-lift support frames relieve the weight of blankets and sheets, our TOE REST may additionally offer support  behind the toes to maximize comfort by preventing gravity’s downward pull.

MYtoeSPACEpillow  lifts the painful weight of bedding off of……

  •  Bunions, Corns, Hammertoe, Gout,
  •  Ingrown or Hang Nails,
  •  Diabetic or Sensitive Feet,
  •  Chemo or Radiation Foot  Neuropathy

MYtoeSPACEpillow is a……

  •  Post Surgical Blanket Lift
  •  Sports Medicine Recovery Blanket Lift
  •  Wound Management Sleep Aid

MYtoeSPACEpillow can also….

  • Keep Pets from Laying on your Feet,
  • Eliminate Tangled or Distracting Sheets
  • Divide foot space away from your spouse’s toenails.



MY toe SPACE pillow®
The NEW WAVE in beds!

You will wonder how you ever slept without a                                     foot-of-the-bed      Toe Pillow! 

Simply place the pillow between your flat and fitted sheets and let your toes do the REST.

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