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COVID “Recovered” TESTING should be priority to protect ESSENTIAL WORKERS-Remove Vulnerable from front lines

March 25, 2020
FACE IT AMERICA, the window of opportunity to test for COVID-19 and pluck out those positive from circulation into quarantine works only BEFORE the virus has taken hold in communities. Once it is at the community spread level, you MUST GO TO PLAN B!!

We need to be all running on the premise that we have been infected already….and should only be going out for supplies or working essential jobs if we know for a fact we already had it.

We need the fast results, immunity titer test more than we need the COVID tests because people should already be self isolating and seek medical attention when symptoms become severe (high fever, worsening cough, shortness of breath).

The test to show if you have built up antibodies can show you’ve already had it, recovered, and can replace those that are vulnerable in these essential jobs… Whatever it takes to decrease the need for hospital beds and keep our hospital personnel from being overwhelmed!

More details here,
ATTN UTA affiliates help to make this a reality to use our labs more effectively to keep the economy and hospitals going.
There is no use testing people with symptoms as those asymotomatic are just as dangerous to the general public working essential jobs.
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From: kim feil <>
To: Cynthia Simmons <>; <>; Kevin A. Schug <>; Office of the President – UT Arlington <>; Victoria Myers <>; Ranjana Bhandari <>; Ignacio Nunez <>; Don Crowson <>
Sent: Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 08:53:28 AM CDT
Subject: Fast track to swap our vulnerable essential workers for those with markers of immunity…story here! How can UTA help?

Mount Sinai researchers develop test for coronavirus antibodies

Kim Feil
UTA Alumni
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From: kim feil <>
To: Victoria Myers <>; Ignacio Nunez <>; Cynthia Simmons <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 24, 2020, 11:58:13 AM CDT
Subject: Fw: Vulnerable working essential jobs contrary to curve flatteni

We need to have those that recovered from mild symptoms replace the vulnerable at essential jobs.

When they called for retired nurses and doctors to get back to work that is another way to tax the hospital system cuz this people they need to be cared for then!

Logic prevailing does not seem to be in play we are trying to save the vulnerable and the economy at the same time but we’re putting the vulnerable on the front lines.


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To: “Jeff Williams” <>, “Jeff Mosier” <>, “Sebastian Robertson” <>, “Helen Moise” <>, “Victoria Myers” <>, “Cynthia Simmons” <>, “Robert Shepard” <>, “Ignacio Nunez” <>, “” <>, “” <>, “Carol Cavazos” <>, “Marvin Sutton” <>, “Downtown Arlington” <>, “Chris Kite” <>
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Sent: Tue, Mar 24, 2020 at 11:54 AM
Subject: Vulnerable working essential jobs contrary to curve flatteni
If the goal is to flatten the curve, don’t put the VERY people that will tax the hospitals In harm’s way!

Construction as an Essential Job during Pandemic is LUDICROUS unless constructing make-shift hospitals

March 23, 2020

As a cancer survivor, running construction work during a pandemic is quite concerning for any foreman/superintendent who has no access to bottled water or hand sanitizer for his workers.

Per the Dallas directive the six foot distancing requirement is relaxed for so called temperature takers. That is also another point of concern since digital thermometers aren’t readily available either during a pandemic as is the PPE needed to be getting close to take the temperatures. I read where Walmart employees were making employees sign a statement daily that they certify to be temperature free…using the same ink pen!

YES we are in a pandemic…the small stuff…WE SHOULD SWEAT!


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To: “” <>
Sent: Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 4:43 AM
Subject: Error on Shelter in place excludes per CISA construction
Dallas is to enact a shelter-in-place at midnight tonight which excludes residential and commercial construction workers per CISA guidelines.

Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce | CISA
Forcing non-essential work is contrary to the task at hand in flattening the curve to reduce the pandemic risk.

Please be more concise and communicate to Dallas and Tarrant counties that which is considered critical Construction…for ex erecting makeshift hospitals.

critcal infrastructure

My husband is having to report to work as they are building a new elementary school. The Hispanic Community dominates the masonry trade. Many return home to households with multiple families.

Six foot distancing is not possible with laborers supporting the bricklayers.
This is a recipe for disaster during a pandemic.

There is also confusion on temperature screening as to who is supposed to be conducting that with no PPE.

Please contact the public health officials in Texas to correct this error and save lives.

Residential and commercial work is non-essential during a pandemic disaster.

You need different guidelines for different types of disasters or have some explanation as to why RESIDENTIAL AND CONSTRUCTION work is considered essential…during a pandemic.

This letter will go to social media as well, in addition to any responses you may have to this correspondence.

Do the right thing, thank you.

Kim Feil

Commie Video Backfires with Info Backing Bernie

February 27, 2020

Please watch,, which convinced me how CONSERVATIVE BERNIE really is!

The one thing that is misrepresented in the video is that Bernie wants to nationalize healthcare, but actually he just wants to nationalize how it’s paid for. This informative video shows Bernie is aware of the successes and failures of socialism in different countries under different regimes, under different time frames. We need the best of both worlds to keep what we do here that’s working and to ONLY borrow  what WORKED in other countries.

If the United States as a superpower house can’t do a capitalism plus, then nobody can.

The oligarchy that we have here is not what the American people want, but it’s what the rich, elite billionaires need to stay in power…this video helps us with getting a revolution in understanding the pitfalls and the risks.


We are not poor like the countries in this video. If this is as bad as it gets for people wanting to scare people I’m not scared. Bernie still has my full support after this video because it shows he has done his homework over the decades.

One of my musical friends I have met through and Open Mic who teaches philosophy at a local University commented below it is worth the read…“We’re of course biased, Kim, but I too think he comes off well in this mini-documentary, especially if one knows about the relevant history. The history of US involvement in Latin American, for example, is a story of human rights violations on a colossal scale! This does not excuse Castro or Ortega, of course, for their own such violations, but any reasonable estimate puts the US and US-backed right-wing forces well ahead of any left-wing government in Latin America in terms of body counts and repression. 

The US has systematically backed the hindering or outright overthrow of even moderate leftist governments (e.g., Allende in Chile) all over the region since the end of WWII; it supported regimes that ended the free press and other civil liberties from the 60s to the 80s (notably in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, and Brazil).  And up to today, the US government is very selective in the human rights violations it pays attention to and those it ignores.  For example, it is vocal about Venezuela’s and nearly silent about Saudi Arabia’s, though the latter’s far exceed the former’s in scope, systematicity, and horror.  Any estimate of how well “socialism has done in the countries in which it has been tried” has, with the complicated exception of China, to factor in the extent to which the largest military and economic power in the world has interfered (the long, absurd embargo against Cuba being only the most well known example).

We absolutely do not have a clean experiment to look at, so the claim that “socialism has been shown not to work” is so fraught with ambiguity that it is pretty hard to assess. 

What we do have, though, are plenty of countries (e.g., Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and Western Europe, and the US itself to a considerable extent (esp. from 1945-1980)) that incorporated various social democratic/welfare state policies (universal healthcare (not in the US obviously), public infrastructure projects, publicly funded higher education, pensions, protections for workers, paid vacations, maternity and paternity leave, and so on) shielding these socially essential things from the vicissitudes of the market and its well known failures and tendencies to produce inefficiencies and to create perverse incentives. 

Otherwise, yes, let the (non-crony-capitalist, non-oligopolized, non-monopolized) competitive market thrive. There is no need for the government to take over the provision of beer, wine, sandwiches, or guitars, Cadillacs and hillbilly music!  (I boldfaced for emphasis)

The video is right that there are (and have been) some Scandinavian politicians and economists who would like to reduce the extent of their welfare states, but this is hardly a hugely popular position in those counties (though the video provides very little information about why the center-right government of Finland resigned in 2019, making it sound like there must be some serious growing dissatisfaction with its healthcare system–that is not the case, nor are such resignations in a parliamentary government like Finland’s as dramatic as they sound, given our home political context). 

Indeed, the video is right, the Scandinavian systems have a large, successful capitalist sector, but their social democratic “welfare state” components are what have made them such desirable places to live.  Capitalism alone can only do that in the fever dreams of people who have read too much Ayn Rand or Milton Friedman. 

Bernie is not advocating a fully planned economy; he’s not advocating the nationalization of the main sectors of the economy.  The video is generally right about these points, though at one point it seems a bit ambiguous, and at another it wrongly says he is for the nationalization of the healthcare system–he is not: he is only for the “nationalization” of how it is paid for. 

The nationalization of medical insurance is not the nationalization of hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment manufacturing; and it does not make doctors and nurses into government employees (no more that Bell Helicopter, etc., employees are government employees, even though so much of their money comes from government contracts).  (Moreover, to comfort our rich friends, we might note that Bernie is not talking about banning private healthcare insurance for elective procedures or banning the private practice of doctors who prefer to be paid more (than the government pays) by rich clientele for the very same procedures.) 

So it does seem to get Bernie roughly right and not to be hateful in its presentation :  he’s against authoritarian socialism; he’s pro-democracy; he’s pro-civil liberties; he’s not calling for abolishing all private property; he’s not advocating an entirely planned economy; his model is Scandinavian social democracy (which has been very successful and has never devolved into either Venezuelan hyper-inflation or into Stalinism; yes, the tax rates are higher; but you get a hell of a lot for that). 

The argument of the video seems to be that even Scandinavian-style social democracy is bad because it puts a brake on the innovation, entrepreneurship, growth, and efficiency.  But this overestimates the contribution of key capitalist processes to the economy (versus, e.g., government subsidies to basic research, a functioning monetary system, counter-cyclical measures, buffering against market failures) and downplays the essential role of solidarity and the commons (key to having anything like a functioning market in the first place, as Adam Smith himself recognized). 

It also takes for granted that the way in which capitalist economists measure efficiency and productivity are actually good measures (and they are not necessarily, when you consider long-term social stability and well being).  And it also signals an implicit commitment to the sacrifice of the well being of other human beings (especially children) on the altar of “economic success” as defined by the business class and by an essentially individualistic “Randian” ideal (i.e., it’s basically social Darwinism masquerading as “altruism-in-the-limit”, after the Invisible Hand has done its winnowing work and rewarded those with real “merit” measured by economic success, of course).

What we are seeing now, in Bernie’s campaign, is just a kind of social democratic “correction” to an imbalanced capitalist economy, an imbalance that is the result of the trajectory Reagan helped set for it. 

In that sense, Bernie is not advocating anything particularly radical, just something humane and sensible.  Yes, the taxes of the the rich and upper middle class may go up, the more so as our capacity for high rates of economic growth continues to diminish.  But maybe, apart from the resentful and entitled rich used to socialism for the wealthy, we will come to feel like we are getting something worth a lot more than that money:  a sense of security, solidarity, and a refocusing on the things that really matter to human flourishing–like playing open mic nights at Truth Vinyl!” 🙂  END Philosophy teacher comment

There are also those that say the left needs to get a job and not take free hand outs….I say to that…..

I used to be Republican I get it..nobody wants to work hard and see some of the fruits of their labor go to what some perceive as downright lazy. 

What’s not fair is how much money we spend on defense spending.

What’s not fair is there are people that don’t drive but they have to pay for the roads and bridges. 

What’s not fair is the corporate elite make insane amount of salaries when they could be better paying their employees or reducing the final product price to all consumers.


What’s not fair is employers covering their employees portion of their premiums and passing a higher final price tag in the final product and when I buy that product, I help pay for someone else’s healthcare. 

What’s not fair is the Walmarts of the world hiring part-time help with no benefits… they go on Obamacare or food stamps because it’s not a living wage. And we have to pay to subsidize Obamacare and foodstamps.

What’s not fair is gutting the EPA and the corporations not having to spend as much on compliance; we get the final pollution product which adds to poor health which is a drain on the medical system.

What’s not fair is not having insurance or being underinsured which can end in bankruptcy… Then they go on food stamps, and qualify for housing subsidies

What’s not fair is when a single parent has to choose between working or not working because they cannot afford daycare, then they qualify for housing subsidies, Obamacare, and food stamps.

Whats not fair is when young, healthy people say I don’t need insurance, and their parents quietly s*** their pants thinking if their kids get sick they lose their retirement trying to save their child.


Sixty minutes interviewed Bernie. They asked him how he was going to pay for Medicare for all. He said a 4% tax on income over $29,000… but the offset is that you do not pay your co-pays, deductibles, or premiums. How much do you pay a month for your premium? What price would you pay a month to not worry about medical bills causing a bankruptcy?The defense spending is ridiculous…. 4% tax on income over $29,000 is a good bargain as the status quo costs more than Bernies plan.

The corporate welfare we give to corporations, (lowered from 35% to 21%) is an example of what Trump has done to not represent us, but his buddies.

The other corporate welfare is what we have been giving the fossil fuel industry industry in tax breaks while society bears the social and environmental costs. 

The lobbying that goes on in Washington serves to get people elected off of money the wealthy donated and the corporations (think ALEC) write the laws for the legislatures.

Trump gutted the EPA which is another form of welfare. Don’t you think Google and Amazon should pay corporate taxes? 

Then there is the overseas mechanisms where profits are hidden there to avoid taxation. The owners of these corporations make insane amounts of money when they should draw a salary that is not in the billions or millions… They should pay the workers more and or lower the profits so society can afford products.

If Medicare for all reduces employee health insurance premium costs, that too could lower the final price of products so all of society benefits. Roads and bridges benefit all of society (*so I do agree roads and bridges benefit all who don’t drive).

If people have assistance affording college, they are not a drain later in society.

The people of Walmart are on food stamps and have no health care benefits cuz most of the jobs are part-time. they are a drain on our system when they can’t afford health insurance.

Single mothers trying to work can’t afford daycare. If they stay home to take care of kids, then they get assistance… Must I go on?

There are efficiencies to be gained in providing a level playing field so that the wealth that people labor for is spread through society and not just to the top 1 to 2%. Otherwise your work is a slave labor wages either in hourly wage or in the absence of benefits that are either paid by the people buying more expensive products or by the people through their federal income taxes.

In the end…those that think we cannot improve the current rigged system because it will put us in the dark ages…needs to prove that making progress to a level playing field for all will land us in the dark and cold…without toilet paper.





GIF of crab eating strawberry incites 2020 challenge to save US

December 26, 2019

crab eating strawberry2_LIThis is so sad to watch as humans prioritize ourselves in the food chain at the top. Especially in relationship to climate change, we are already starting to see the poor be the first to hurt in ocean rise, flooding etc. Think of how the rich afford bunkers in the event of some catastrophic event. We now realize that the elite have already rigged the system in giving corporations a voice that is in detriment to our environment. The health of corporations have a priority status over humans in a sick game called capitalism. Even more absurd is how we spend our “time making money” and our “money buying products”, some that make us sick (example: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, zantac, fossil fuels, cell phones alcohol,…etc.) Over-consumerism is a zero-sum game to the environment as manufacturing unnecessary trinkets recklessly risk our limited resources and are destroying the delicate balance of our environment to support life (clean air, water, soil, carbon sinks). The elite rich have been buying our government lobbying for votes. With our silence, and our inaction to assemble and protest, we only have our collective selves to blame. Unless we act to change the status quo by destroying the rigged system, we are part of the problem and complacent to a food chain that will be our own demise in over consuming at the expense of a livable planet for humans, plants, animals, and sea life. #BeLikeGreta

Welcome White Rhino Coffee to Downtown Arlington TX

November 15, 2019

—– Forwarded Message —–From: kim feil <>To: <>Cc: Victoria Myers <>; Helen Moise <>; Robert Shepard <>; Ignacio Nunez <>; <>; Jeff Williams <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Mark Joeckel <>; <>; Tony Rutigliano <>; Downtown Arlington <>; Maggie Campbell <>; Cathy Stein <>; Alan Petsche <>; Alan Petsche <>; Arlington Music Hall <>; Arlington Museum of Art <>; <>Sent: Friday, November 15, 2019, 08:19:33 AM CSTSubject: White Rhino Coffee destined for Downtown Arlington
Please forward this email to Chris Parvin.
Chris, my name is Kim Feil. I volunteered as manager of the shop and activities next door to the Worthington Bank when there was a Pura Vida coffee shop called Local Color. This particular location was an offshoot of the South Side on Lamar (apartments) as a secondary location for community outreach as a coffee shop. The initial location in Dallas served in a ministerial capacity as an unconventional Lutheran church on the roof by Mark Tobias Joeckel who now manages the Arlington Music Hall.
Local Color was run by volunteers, and the coffee was by donation. We had monthly art shows, open mic, and a few store front street events in Downtown Arlington from 2003 to 2006. 
Afrer following Local Color to two other locations (Cooper Coffee) and then at the UTA Student Lutheran Center (where I painted a second site Local Color mural), I busked at the Arlington Farmers Market at 205 East Front Street which is now the home of what I call, Petsche Music Hall. I named it that because they have yet to name the building (although some people refer to it as the Black Box) across from Tipsy Oak.
I am affiliated with Pulse Dallas brainstormer and financiere, Attorney David L. Wiley. I have been attempting to get a similar program started in Arlington where the musicians are paid and strategically placed in areas with foot traffic in sidewalk performances.
I currently volunteer coordinate an open mic at Truth Vinyl records downtown across from Hooligans at 300 East Abram and invite you to come check out this really cool record store and meet the owners, Ric Delzell and Carol Anderson, who have graciously equipped their store with a stage, PA, and lighting system. Their community outreach provides a venue for free weekend shows and our weekly open mic on Thursday nights from 5 to 8 p.m.
I lead a busking group from the connections I’ve made through the open mic of all the talented musicians. Arlington Buskers is grounded with Arlington Nights, a musicians’ networking group, who meets monthly. Part of my role is to find new venues for our musicians.
We are extremely excited to hear about the transformation of the Worthington Bank to a new location for White Rhino Coffee! 
I am offering any assistance with booking musicians who appreciate new places to perform and hope you are open to offering your venue and street front as available to our local musicians.
Welcome to Arlington White Rhino Coffee!
Sincerely,Kim Triolo Feil817-564-2577

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KimFeilGood Guitar Performance Classes

June 20, 2019

I teach incorporating strumming rhythms to simulate drum percussion, & to simulate bass during guitar playing so as to not fall into the trap of boring strumming. I teach stage attitude presence/confidence and dance movement to and from mic. I also teach transposing music to find where to be singing in your natural voice as well as how to arrange your set list and tunings to vary your sound between songs to not create burn out for the listeners. Teaching songwriting can also be covered in a 2 hr/week session for $70 for the first session, then $60 for the next, then $50, then $40, then $30 for the last four of our eight week session with no commitment or advance payments required. If a school student cannot devote 2 hrs, we can do 1 hour sessions by halving the above fees and going for a longer term 16 week goal in learning what I have to offer over my 50 years as a female in a male dominated music world. My edge in syncopating the rhythms began in being a tamborine percussionist first. After learning guitar chords, I was bored with the traditionally taught basic 1ah, 2ah, 3ah, 4 strumming patterns. I teach how to NOT be a boring guitarist, basically. I coordinate the open mic at Truth Vinyl records and hope to have my students be utilizing the stage to refine their skills. Happy learning and have fun performing! Call or text me 817 564-2577.

How to NOT be a boring guitarist….nuff said!

Everything I know about FixN cats in Arlington

May 31, 2019

UPDATE 8/15/19

Don’t want your pets ear tipped when they are spayed or neutered?

The Ft Worth Humane Society has vouchers for FREE pet spay/neuter that includes microchip and pain meds for those living in the targeted ZIP codes.

If you live outside of the targeted zip codes like in Arlington, to get the free voucher, you must show proof of being on gov. subsidies and accompany that document with this application….

However if you are not in their targeted zip code but able to show proof of poverty, they have an application and you can get those blessed vouchers and then make your appointment at the groups that take the vouchers.

If you cannot prove poverty income document, Arlington has the Select Sundays free spay neuter program, but be sure to specify if you want the ear not tipped (read below). The other option is to make an appointment with TCAP and pay $45 for the female feline and $35 for the male kitten/cat .

The lower cost option mentioned below is to pay $5 a cat at TCAP in Hurst if you can be the first 12 in line in a feral cage BUT they will get a mandatory eartip.

The Arlington Animal Shelter has FREE 2 week RENTALS of the TNR traps if you say you need the trap for feline TNR. Otherwise the traps for other wildlife has a backlog list and a $50 I think deposit requirement.

UPDATE 6/19/19

Thanks for TNR donation Tree Hugger Tree Service in Arlington TX

Father’s Day Storm of 2019! This is the cat I fixed weeks ago who unknowingly was pregnant and cost extra to be able to continue to use the Hurst TCAP services cuz Arlington has such a failed one. Thank you Christie Elliott of Tree Hugger Tree Service for your donation to this worthy cause to keep our neighborhood from exploding with kittens.

Arlington’s TNR program 9 times inferior to Hurst TCAP which ave 720 cats fixed over 3 month period vs our 80 cat fixes. BUT at a subsequent meeting I learned I am not comparing apples to apples in services the shelter provides verses what TCAP does. listen here,

Originally I met to find out why their actual intake numbers were lower than what they quote and thus the meeting to understand also the protocol for euthanasia.

When I took some kittens to the Arlington Animal Shelter, they asked if they were feral and I said yes, then they said they were full and they could not even guarantee that they could make it to the trap-neuter-release program and pointed to the “maybe killed after 3 days” signage. I wept and took them home and to the vet. Now that the kittens I am fostering are socialized, dewormed, etc, I’m still afraid to bring them back there for fear they may not make it to the adoption floor because they’re full. Does anybody have experience with tracking an animal they brought to the shelter to see if it made it to the adoption floor? For the adult cats in my neighborhood, I TNR them myself at the TCAP Hurst to make sure they aren’t killed and to make sure they reclaim their territory as a fixed feral hunting mice. But for kittens, this is a new avenue for me fostering them …and getting stuck… with the good work that I’m doing, my husband is about ready to divorce me! Help me please find homes for these kittens before I turn them into the shelter. First I want to understand the shelter’s track record on what animals are killed and which ones make it to the adoption floor. I am told once the SOCIALIZED kittens make it through the health exam, they get their shots excetera then go to the adoption floor. Please let me know what the odds are as I gamble with their life. UPDATE here is the City’s response to my inquisition…”Good Morning, Thank you for contacting Arlington Animal Services. Unfortunately, we are open intake, which means we can not turn any animals away that are from Arlington whether they be strays or owner surrendered and we must always have the space. If a pet is brought in as a stray, they do not have tags, a microchip, or are visibly spayed/neutered, they are placed on a 3 day stray hold. Once the hold on any animal ends, they can possibly be placed up for adoptions, sent out with a rescue group (adoption placement partner must tag them), or humanely euthanized. We can’t guarantee the outcome of an animal. Depending on the temperament of the animal(s), the health, as well as space, they could possibly be TNR’d, however it is not a guarantee. When you bring an animal(s) into the shelter, they do require a copy of your ID/License, and you fill out the stray release form. The animal will be linked to your name and we can later pull them up using your name, phone number, or address, and you can also check the website for the 8-digit animal ID number. If the kittens qualify for the TNR program, you can have them altered at the TCAP as well as an upcoming Feral Cat Clinic we have coming up here at the shelter Sunday August 25, 2019. I will attach the link to our website that will have all of that information on there for you. We also do not hold animals for years, as we are open intake and have to have the space, we do however make euthanasia a last resort”.

And I responded back with some basic math about their intake numbers not matching up with their last fiscal year actuals….

I wrote a letter back to the City…. —– Forwarded Message —– From: kim feil <> To: animalservices <> Sent: Friday, July 26, 2019, 02:16:16 PM CDT Subject: Re: [EXTERNAL EMAIL]Q on processing an animal turned over to the shelter for the adoption program After doing an kill rate/by reason open records request, Diane called me to get clarification and to walk me through the info already on the City website. I want to verify that ……… This link is for last fiscal year stats…. You say you take in about 25-75 animals a day. The ave 2017/2018 fiscal year for cats rate was about 48%, so if you took in 12-36 cats/day, 6 days a week, then that would be (365 day/yr minus 52 Sundays closed) 313 day/yr intake of a range of 3756 – 11,268 cats intake a year. BUT the link above shows cat intake for the year as 3400, so are you exaggerating how many animals come in? With 3400 cat intake/yr and ONLY 1 healthy cat euthanized, and the rest ave 25% (905 cats) put down for being sick (includes the 24 lost in shelter), then that is a positive track record. The rest (2582 cats) ave 75% lived and is as follows in my crunching and smoothing out the average to rounding….689 (20%) were adopted out, 1,727 (50%) sent to cat groups with proof of sterilization required or they get a $2K fine), the remaining 5% were reunited with their owners. I’d say that is great work and thank you to the cat groups of which there is about 100 groups of caring people finding cats homes! Did I get this in the ball park? If so why do you say 25-75 animals a day intake when the low end of a 313 day/yr intake is 3756 and your last fiscal year was only ACTUAL 3400? On the low end you are overstating the cat intake by about 356 cats. On the high end you overstate by 7,868. Surely I am missing something? I used to be an analyst for a hospital supply company and enjoy number crunching…and this is way off. Please advise. Sincerely, Kim Feil

—– Forwarded Message —–From: kim feil <>To: Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>; <>; <>; <>Cc: <>Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2019, 9:52:40 AM CDTSubject: Arlington’s TNR program 9 times inferior to Hurst TCAP which ave 720 cats fixed over 3 mnth period vs our 80 cat fixes
Multiply 12 cat limit a day – five days a week at the Hurst TCAP TNR ($5 each) = 60 cats a week clinic times 4 weeks in a month is 240 cats/mth over a three month period yields 720 cats fixed verses Arlington’s failed Select Sunday program program accepting 12-20 plus cats per event over a three month period (June 9, June 30th, July 28th and August 25th) ranges only 48-80 plus cats fixed over a three month period. Arlington’s Select Sunday program fixes 9 times LESS cats than the Hurst TCAP program…what do you have to say about that?
Why can’t you support the needs of Arlington residents to have a convenient program open 5 days a week?Use some of your fracking money when its paid back from the loan for Texas live will ya?

The City other experts agree that returning a FIXED cat to its original territory keeps other unfixed cats from taking over their terrority.

I have spoken live to two City of Arlington representatives with the Animal Shelter. They said they receive 10K pets a yr and have a staff of less than 30 people). They take in 25-75 animals a day that people bring in or they can go out and set traps as requested and when staff is available. Once at the shelter If they show signs of an owner being able to be contacted, they get to live past day 3-7. Some can be TNR and released back out, some go up for adoption, ferals maybe not so lucky-they use a vaccine to “humanely?” euthanize them.

The only no kill shelter is in Carrollton. Someone told me they can shut their doors if they don’t have room.

HERE IS THE CURRENT PROGRAM THE CITY OF ARLINGTON IS ADMINISTERING, (there is a vet who likes to work on a SUNDAY)….follow their Facebook page to learn about more future spay/neuter clinics, Here is the link to the flyer for this info below,

Who: All Arlington Zip codes residents only

What: FREE feral fix clinics on select Sundays (thanks to Maddie Grant)

When: June 9, June 30th, July 28th,& August 25th 2019

Where: Arlington Animal Services Center, 1000 SE Green Oaks Blvd., 76018. Cat drop-off 8-9 a.m., Return for pickup 4 p.m.

How: The FIRST 20 CATS to arrive between 8 – 9 a.m. Only the first 20 Arlington feral/community cats will be accepted. Kittens must be at least three (3) months old. **Ferals must be in a trap. For more information, please call 817-459-6190.

Why: Your neighborhood needs managing I was told there will be no additional back end charge regardless of their pregnancy, or in heat, condition if any. BUT you have to set the traps out the night before and be successful in the hunt, be sure not to feed them breakfast…if you can’t catch the feral, you have to wait til the next free Sunday clinic.

ABOUT THE CAGES, there is NO CHARGE for the cage rental and they are available IF you specify the purpose for the trap is for a feral cat. Otherwise for other live animals-possums etc., there is a $50 rental deposit and a waiting list. This is bewildering to have conditional availability for cages based on the animal and purpose. ???

I wish there was a consistent program, as the City of Arlington has neuter/spay programs that change over time/funding. How about use the fracking gas drilling money Arlington Tomorrow Foundation blood money on a consistent,TNR program instead of spending ATF funds on stuff like that $100K for signage on cemeteries!

Aside from the Arlington Animal Shelter…… There is TCAP (who comes to Arlington three times a month at $25 a cat), they accept the first dozen feral cats in line in a trap. The Hurst TCAP also accepts first dozen in a trap Mon-Fri for only $5. BUT BEWARE if pregnant TCAP will charge you between $20-$40 additionally. If you refuse payment, they ban you from their services until your bill is paid.

There is also the Spay Neuter Network, the SPCA, and the Humane Society. Drive over to Ft Worth to pick up the free vouchers from the Humane Society for indoor pets if you cannot afford to spay them.

UPDATE 6/14/19

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: kim feil <>

To: Chrishandra Huff <>

Cc: Trey Yelverton <>; Mike Bass <>; Gilbert Perales <>

Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019, 1:24:36 PM CDT

Subject: Re: TNR Hurst support needed because of gap in Arlington’s program
Your staff member on May 31st told me over the phone that you average 12 cats on those select Sundays.

Aside from your Maddie select Sunday program I also understand that TCAP comes three times a month for $25 a cat at your Arlington Animal Shelter and they only accept the first dozen feral cats in a trap. 
Here is more info I share with Nextdoor and FB groups that seems to be info worthy, but if you find any errors let me know…for now I am keeping the 12 average on your select Sunday info cause that is what your employee told me.

On Friday, June 14, 2019, 1:10:56 PM CDT, Chrishandra Huff <> wrote:

Hello Ms. Feil,

The information you sent out this morning is not correct and we wanted to take the time to address your concerns.  Texas Coalition for Animal Protection (TCAP) is the recipient of a grant allowing individuals and/or shelters to receive TNR services by bringing feral cats to any TCAP location.  The 12 spots (and sometimes more, depending on TCAP staffing) allows feral cats to be taken to Hurst, Fort Worth, Burleson, Allen, or Weatherford, Texas for sterilization services.  

Arlington Animal Services continues to provide “free TNR” services made possible by grant funding from Maddie’s Fund for Arlington residents.  We currently have Feral Cat Sunday TNR services scheduled for June 30, July 28, and August 25.  The Feral Cat Sundays have been extremely successful, allowing Arlington residents to bring cats to these events for sterilization.   In most cases, these clinics have accepted over our 20 cat limit (depending on staffing) in an effort to assist those residents who have put forth their time to trap and bring the cats in to be sterilized, ear-tipped, and rabies vaccinated. 

Please contact me directly with any additional questions or concerns. 

Chris Huff
Animal Services Manager | 817.459.6269


From: kim feil <>To: Helen Moise <>Cc: Sheri Capehart <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>; Robert Shepard <>; Lana Wolff <>; Marvin Sutton <>Sent: Friday, June 14, 2019, 7:28:05 AM CDTSubject: TNR Hurst support needed because of gap in Arlington’s program
Recent evictions on Elm and East street have left animals stranded.
I took a cat on Monday that I wanted to catch for your free “Select” Sunday program that was on, June 9th, but when you keep catching possums, that ties up your trap (I am borrowing my neighbors trap. I bought my own once, but it was a piece of junk and a waste of $40.
So I arrived on Monday to find the first 12 allowed for $5 a piece was filled up. I returned to TCAP Hurst the next day to find other people people being turned away after those 12 spots were filled.
Arlington is putting a strain on the Hurst TCAP services for its residents and Arlington needs to match their program or at least send help finance the Arlington citizens….see suggestion below.
I will try again to take advantage of your next Select Sunday program for free TNR (including unknown pregnancy termination), but if I trap a cat on say a Friday, then it has to stay caged and cared for before and after the surgery and refilling the cat dishes is a risk to getting bit not to mention an unnecessary strain on the feral.

I tried starting Friday trapping a cat so I can make your free select Sunday TNR program but you can’t be so lucky to time it just right.I understand you guys are not getting anywhere near the 20 limit.
The city should set up an account that takes the difference between the cats received than the 20 allowed and and let that unused a lot of cash sit in an account at the Hurst location. I have taken my TNRs there over the years at $5 a pop unless they are pregnant. When they are unknowingly pregnant, it’s $20 to $40 extra. When Arlington residents have the convenience of the Hurst location and find a pregnancy termination bill sitting in their lap. This kitty abortion is costly and a deterrent to trap ARLINGTON cats.
Since Sheri has yet to respond, I thought I’d also send this to Helen, thank you Helen for any response you can give on how we can improve Arlingtons TNR program, thanks.


PS, yes I am that cat fixn lady that serenades the pets in the morning, ago · 

Katelyn McGuire <>

To:kim feil

May 31 at 11:27 AM

Hi, Kim. I appreciate your email.
Unfortunately, we are unable to remove the $20 that is owed from your account.  You had a $20 credit on your account prior to visiting us yesterday. All that is due is $20 at this time. This amount will need to be paid before we are able to service additional pets for you.
I’m unsure if you are aware, but TCAP’s free feral program is not underwritten by a grant of any kind. That program is funded wholly by our general operating account and by donations from generous people who value the service we provide. However, these services have a cost to us to provide. A basic cat spay at TCAP costs us, on average, $72. This is a service we provide for free. We promo out all in heat cats-of which there are many and these cats cost us more to service due to surgeon and staff time and additional suture required. We simply charge additional fees for pregnant and crypt orchid animals. There is no deviation from this.
We are very upfront about any additional fees that may be owed after the surgery itself is provided for free to you. The details of our feral program are indicated here:
We appreciate your partnership and your hard work for your community through fixing ferals.
Katelyn McGuire
Director of Clinic Operations
(940)566-5551 ext. 1107
Texas Coalition for Animal Protection
Be sure to like us on facebook!

Allen Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program
717 S. Greenville Ave, Suite 133
Allen, TX 75002

Burleson Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program 
344 SW Wilshire Blvd, Suite E
Burleson, TX 76028

Denton Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program 
713 Sunset Street
Denton, TX 76201

Fort Worth Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program 
2400 Westport Parkway, Suite 100
Fort Worth, TX 76177

Garland Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program1235 Northwest HighwayGarland, TX 75041

Hurst Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program 
1856 Precinct Line Rd, Suite 108
Hurst, TX 76054

Weatherford Low Cost Spay and Neuter Program 
1302 S. Main St, Suite 114
Weatherford, TX 76086

Rick McNeely’s Alley Rally Segment on Fishbowl Radio Network w/guests KimFeilGood on behalf of Truth Vinyl Records & Ashley Sanderson for Hells Half Acre Vodka

May 9, 2019

Following my placing second place in the Cokers BBQ Singer Songwriter contest, here are the radio segments when the first and second place winners were invited guests on Fishbowl Radio Network internet show, The Cokers BBQ contest host, DJ Rick McNeeley, has his Alley Rally segment that happens live every Wednesday from 1-3 pm central standard time on the red stream,

May 8 2019 interview with Fishbowl Radio Network: In the meat of my interview segment,, I spoke about how I hope the song I wrote called “Your Broken Kind” helps get the attention it needs to the subject matter of mental illness and depression,

Here was the segment for the first place contest winner, Sean Anthony Hayward, …..

And here is my guest segment as second place winner…..

Here are the pics and videos from my guest experience vantage point on the Alley Rally show on 5/8/19 at the Arlington Downs building in suite 427 on the fourth floor at 2225 East Randol Mill Rd in Arlington Texas…..

First let me introduce you to Noodles, the fish-head mascot, sporting the Truth Vinyl logo on his t shirt…..the link is here,

The above pictures were featured on on Arlington Texas Talk UNcensored.

Here is youtube video footage for the fantastic and lively intro to the Alley Rally show with the fabulously talented host, DJ Rick McNeely,

To view my videos of the segment (not in order-sorry) go to youtube and type in search words, “Alley Rally Fishbowl Radio Network Arlington TX 5/8/19 show”. There is almost 30 short clips that one day I’ll narrate a summary and add to the description.

Notice the omonimous Arlington skyview as when we entered the building there was a unusual wind gust event following a storm that just passed us.
Since my husband was rained out of work that day, Ken Feil, was able to join us!
This is when Noodles tried to interject, but forgot what he was going to say…
Rick MCNeely
Ashley Sanderson representing for Hells Half Acre Vodka
Reading the National “Selfie Day” item on the list…FYI Rick started this National Selfie Day BTW!!!
Almost done with fun segment and Ashley was a joy!
When you are on the show, afterwards, you stand here and take a photo memory, however Noodles was ancey and kinda hard to handle being so Noodle-ley and all!!
These are pictures inside of Fishbowl Radio Network
Here is the walking out video, And lastly, here are a couple of the pictures downstairs in the Arlington Downs building. If you want to create a memory of a fun-filled radio internet session forever in your personal blog spot, you should schedule a session!

Thanks for viewing and please consider Fishbowl Radio Network for your advertising or event awareness campaigns.

Resume Submitted to Kirk Franklin Camp

May 7, 2019



Sent: Tuesday, May 7, 2019, 10:16:43 AM PDT

Subject: I would like to assist with summer camp

Nina, it was nice chatting with you over the phone. Again, my name is Kim Triolo Feil, aka KimFeilGood, once I heard about the camp, I envisioned camping out on the steps to figure out how to show my interest in being one of the teachers in the camp wherever I am needed, and once the City posted the application, I found your contact info! Here is a list of how I may be helpful or be a back up as I can:

1) teach guitar and have played for almost a half a century!

2) teach transposing to different keys, here is a before & after clip of my work to help a singer out,

3) teach songwriting, I recently won second place in a singer songwriter Cokers BBQ contest,

4) Can do a seminar on safety & compliance in busking/street impromptu performances. I am one of the founding members of Arlington NightS and am the busking/street musician lead and contribute to a FB group called Arlington Buskers, and keep blogging City related notes on the subject relevant to Arlington,

I also currently represent the Busking community through Pulse Dallas (performed yesterday and will perform each Monday this month) where we are paid to have a live music presence downtown during lunches, here is my debut Christian video from last September where I have about 1,200 views!

5) or I can teach stomp for those who need to move around a bit to get the energy out, I have written a couple of Christian hip hop tunes that I incorporate stomp steps to.

I have been in Christian bands over my 56 years of being (young & vibrant) starting in 3rd grade that cover Catholics, Lutherans, and Baptists.
I live close to the Downtown area and am active in my community as I ran for City Council about 7 years ago, I also manage the Arlington Texas Talk UNcensored FB page with over 1,400 members engaging in the betterment of Arlington through real, but respectful, discussions not so sugarcoated,

Currently I coordinate the open mic on Thurs from 5-8 pm at Truth Vinyl records store downtown at 300 E Abrams. Here is the FB group I manage, I have contacts with some very gifted musicians who may also want to assist with your camp if needed.

As for my reference, I was Mark Joeckel’s assistant and managed the Local Color Coffee shop from 2003-2006. Joeckel manages the Arlington Music Hall currently. His son, Christian and my son, Graham Feil, are buddies. You can also meet & greet the owners at the record store, Ric Delzell and Carol Anderson too.

In closing, here is an extensive list of performance related endeavors where overkill is king, ha ha,

Hope to meet soon for a follow up interview post digesting all of these links, I can be contacted at 817 564-2577.

Thanks for your time and however I can assist, I am so glad to be up for your consideration, and will be adding this to my list of accomplishments if selected!!!

Kim Feil

aka KimFeilGood

How to Repurpose Schools to Fund Themselves=Property Tax Relief

April 11, 2019

HB2 is indeed stirring the pot in Texas. Bill language reads that we have and “over reliance on local property taxes to fund public schools.”

SCHOOL REFORM IS NEEDED DUE TO Property tax increases that are beginning to equate to pricing us out of our dwellings in paying taxes to educate the masses. The internet effectively handles the masses. We have an internet and e-learning is superior in most cases in:

1) being self paced


3) best lesson plans to choose from

4) ability to vet/organize neighborhood small group learning/designated houses where the children are too young to be self supervised and both parents work.

Our governance could selectively and effectively finance laptop and internet connections for students IN THEIR HOMES. We should only have to finance the staff support needed for laptop repairs. We could lose the traditional classrooms in schools and repurpose them to make them affordable dorm-like apartments where the cafeteria is self sustaining for healthy food choices for the residents and some on-campus students. We could even give first preference to support staff to rent these repurposed classrooms to those that are single, or just out of college and single, that want to live on campus where they work.

It could be a win/win because we could still use the quarantined off areas for the fine arts, sports and special needs students, as Christian Kelly pointed out that “There are many Teachers that work with non Traditional Students such as ESL Students and even more Teachers that work under the IDEA umbrella in providing Special Education Services. Public Schools will always be there to meet compliance with Federal law regarding FAPE”.

Some teachers will get impacted and will have to reinvent their usefulness as online or in person tutors funded by the parents or grants. In being a substitute teacher, I saw first hand how our teaching jobs are really just glorified babysitting ones. I don’t want to lose my home paying taxes to babysit someone elses kids. Do I sound too Republican?