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Bye Bye Go Daddy MyToeSpacePillow website….must (edit) or make small to read

March 8, 2019

This is a cut & Paste of what seems like an endless scroll down describing in one page my invention. The web address was  

How do I treat for GERD? 

Use up to three 9×18 bolsters (to form a triangle), w/head pillow at the base.

Enjoy how the round shape fits the curve of the neck .

How does the Toe Rest stay in place? 
Toe Resting on your back  requires 9 inches to spare at the foot-of-the-bed.

Place pillow between the flat & fitted sheets at the foot of the bed and TUCK your sheets in tightly if you do not have a foot board.

Anyone can Toe Rest while side sleeping, just position feet NEXT to the pillow.

For post foot surgery or large feet ….
Use one 11×11 for side sleepers or
Use two 11×11 and place your feet between them.

How do I treat for Drop Foot?
You’ll need a foot board on your bed and nine inches to spare.  Lay on your back and slide down in the bed so that feet are in a 90 degree, flexed position against the pillow.

Will my feet get cold without the blankets touching them?
The tent creates a cozy, draft free space.  For added warmth, our 9×18 comes with a luxurious, creamy-velvet  pillow case in addition to the cotton pillowcase.  Or for those that do not like to wear socks to bed in the winter, feel free now to add extra blankets and set your thermostat to a lower setting at night and see the $$$$avings on your energy bills! Likewise, in the summer your feet will breathe better without bedding touching your feet.

What are some other uses?

  • Yoga Bolster  or Chiropractor & Day Spa Positioning Pillow

  • Add an Armrest to the center of your couch.

  • Use as a Travel Prop Pillow for passengers on long road trips.

  • Use as a Head Prop when reading or watching TV.



“For almost the 40 years of our marriage we have had strange metal structures across the foot of our bed.

They fall over and bite our feet.

 They tangle up the sheets. 

It’s been a struggle to change linens or even make the bed. 

Last year we found  MYtoeSPACE pillow–


Thank you!! ”
Dave & Betsy M

We take sheets


Please allow a few weeks to adjust to your NEW WAVE of sleeping. We have a 30 day guarantee less transportation fees. Contact Kim Feil by email at or call (817) 564-2577

“I rate you right up there with Jobs and Ford.  Now the markets they filled were larger…”
Alan Petsche.

Sorry – Toe Pillows on BACK ORDER

call 817 564-2577 for release date

Flat ship rate US orders only $10.00

9×18 comes with 100% COTTON (summertime) and a PLUSH VELVET (wintertime) pillowcases.

Polyurethane bolster- wipe w/damp cloth only 

Filmed for ABC’s American Inventor

See TV Guide photo  as shown in video here

 Photos by at in Arlington TX

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Give the unique gift of comfort to someone you love Give them a MYtoeSPACEpillow

​”I tucked the sheets in pretty tight at the end of the bed, so it won’t be rolling out!  I slept with the MytoeSpace pillow last night and it was wonderful! 

Not having the weight of sheets and blankets on my feet was such a comfort! Thanks!”                           Kyle Nelson Cook, Arlington TX


After a 15 year career in the hospital supply business, the owner, who is pictured in the photo gallery, is proud to offer a medical podiatry pillow. However ANYONE can use it as a sleep enhancement for adults & teens!  Our first internet sale was to a podiatrist who sent one to his mother. 

 MY toe SPACE pillow® is trademarked.

“I purchased the pillow for my sister who has diabetes and complained about the weight of the covers causing her toes to turn blue.
I tested it before giving it to her and did like it.” C.Baker 

“I love mytoeSPACEpillow

and use it every night. Thanks for your wonderful product.”


Click in here to open photos


 W A R N I N G    You may become dependant on this “toe” pillow and favor it as much as your “head” pillow. Do not forget to take it with you when you travel.

“No Problems. Addiction YES!         You have a great product.” George Wada

Says Dr. Paul Donohue:       YOUR HEALTH (in addressing leg cramps at night) “…loosen the covers over your feet so they don’t pull them down toward the mattress.” 



patent# 7,555,795

Whether you are recovering from surgery, rigorous athletics, or a long day on your feet we guarantee better sleep…period.

You CAN improve your sleep by placing

feet in front of or between our podiatry pillows.  Also provides GERD relief in bed.
Where traditional blanket-lift support frames relieve the weight of blankets and sheets, our TOE REST may additionally offer support  behind the toes to maximize comfort by preventing gravity’s downward pull.

MYtoeSPACEpillow  lifts the painful weight of bedding off of……

  •  Bunions, Corns, Hammertoe, Gout,
  •  Ingrown or Hang Nails,
  •  Diabetic or Sensitive Feet,
  •  Chemo or Radiation Foot  Neuropathy

MYtoeSPACEpillow is a……

  •  Post Surgical Blanket Lift
  •  Sports Medicine Recovery Blanket Lift
  •  Wound Management Sleep Aid

MYtoeSPACEpillow can also….

  • Keep Pets from Laying on your Feet,
  • Eliminate Tangled or Distracting Sheets
  • Divide foot space away from your spouse’s toenails.



MY toe SPACE pillow®
The NEW WAVE in beds!

You will wonder how you ever slept without a                                     foot-of-the-bed      Toe Pillow! 

Simply place the pillow between your flat and fitted sheets and let your toes do the REST.

———end page 1 for Toe Pillow————————

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Royal Pink Typewritter $410 plus $7 transportation


Rarity in Parity of days long gone…

Six pairs of never worn men’s vintage slippers $150 for the set- Free transportation


Tarrant Chronicle info on Kim Triolo Feil as Fractivist

February 18, 2019

The Tarrant Chronicle posted my top ten urban drilling wish list to fix loopholes in public safety,

Future publications:

  • My name is Kim Triolo Feil, better known in Arlington Texas as an anti urban gas drilling activist. It is worth noting that my environmental activism did not start even after three major chemical exposure events while living in Louisiana near refinery row better known as cancer alley.
    I worked for eight years between the Shell Oil & Shell Chemical plants as a bank teller in Norco Louisiana in my early twenties. On two occasions I was in a lockdown situation at the American Bank on Apple street. Both times we breached the lock down to let helpless people find refuge in the bank lobby from the white chemical clouds enveloped the area. In 1988, I was trapped in my car less than hundred feet away from the ground rumbling, burning storage tanks releasing 159 million pounds of volatile chemical waste into the air in the infamous Shell Oil explosion event. The glass on my car window was too hot to the touch. My boyfriend and I was trying to evacuate an elderly person we knew lived across the street from ground zero. I received $200 for the paint peeling off my car and signed a non-disclosure agreement. I now wonder in retrospect how many decades it might take for my refinery exposure events to translate into some type of latent cancer.
    I spent my childhood in Independence Louisiana, fifty miles north of Norco in a small, Sicilian immigrant town of strawberry farmers. It was only in the last ten years of research into fracking that I was able to note the importance of how my best friend, Julie’s, dad stored the nasty smelling strawberry insecticide near their back door. I also recall how my grandparents did not let me play in their shed as they were strawberry farmers too. I remember them telling me never to go in there as that is where they stored their chemicals for the farm. Julie died of leukemia later when we were in high school. Last month forty years later, Julie’s only other sibling sister, likewise died of cancer. As a fractivist, I now suspiciously ask, what are the odds that both of the children raised near those farming chemicals never survived to see their golden years?
    When I moved to Arlington in my late twenties, I worked in eye shot of the GM plant for a hospital supply company on Great Southwest Parkway. Seeing the massive GM plant in Arlington as the lone industrial presence on the backdrop of Six Flags was a relief to my senses in comparison to the offensive odors of the refinery towns in Louisiana.
    As President of our Old Town Neighborhood Association in Arlington, I attended a neighborhood summit where then Mayor Cluck had an exuberant announcement of how Arlington was sitting on the sweet spot. He spoke of how we were in for a windfall of cash in extracting natural gas under the land we owned. After believing the snake oil land man explaining how the new horizontal drilling means they will not be close to us, and how low profile the well head was in being similar to a fire hydrant, I began rallying my neighbors. We had a mineral lease signing party. We were so relieved that we signed when we did as the signing price dropped in later years for subsequent signing party hold outs.
    Life came to a halt as I knew it soon after I became alarmed at how intrusive urban drilling is once I saw the flaring and smelled the familiar noxious odor when I drove by the GM plant who had also leased to Chesapeake Energy to drill for natural gas. I felt like the refinery town in Norco followed me to Arlington. As a cautious parent, I began following closely the blog of Texas Sharon. 
    In disbelief that I moved to yet another industrialized town, I started doing my own research and sent letters to the Arlington City Council cautioning them and sharing my findings of what I call “loopholes in public protections”. My blog,, is mostly a cut and paste of these letters. I do post any rare responses over the years from our mostly silent mayor and council and invite you to search the website to learn how our drinking water has changed since urban drilling.
    Shockingly, in July of 2010, we had a drilling operator work-over” spill in Lake Arlington, our drinking water source, due to human error in not closing a valve all the way. We also have about one hundred drilling laterals under our lake that are at migration risk for seismic events and or cement failures. The future is bleak as the wells are starting to age and the operators are starting to change hands. For example Carrizo sold to Enervest who sold to Saddle Operating company, and Chesapeake has sold to Total.

    Over the years I get emails and calls from people sickened or alarmed about sounds, odors, and alleged cancer clusters in Arlington. In 2011, a fractivist friend, Jane, of mine had a nearby gas well spewing after a storm and raw gas entered her home which sickened her and her dog. It was one of two rouge gas wells spewing simultaneously across town when the electric compressor station lost power and backed up pressure into two different pad sites.
    In 2012, I unsuccessfully even ran for City Council. In 2013, I joined Jane in the ranks of having her home invaded as my mother-in-law and I endured a corrosive odor in my home while the Truman Cowboy Stadium Chesapeake pad site released noxious odors during their work over/drilling-out-the-plug stages. I interviewed and documented people sickened in the area. I noted how the media never covered the story even though five fire trucks and one ambulance was dispatched. I attempted to sue Chesapeake in small claims court representing myself against three high powered Kelly Hart & Hallman attorneys. During the discovery phase of the trial, I was able to obtain emails of documents proving Chesapeake lied to city and state officials about the source and location of the odor. The outcome was to have a retired judge (Judge Curnutt recused herself) throw out the case because I did not have a doctor nor an engineer’s report saying this happened proving the nuisance.
    Less than a decade later amid the frenzy of urban drilling here in the north Texas Barnett Shale, the citizens of Denton by referendum banned fracking. In response at the next legislative session, a statewide Texas “HB40 ban-against-fracking-bans” was passed on 4/17/2015. This was just days after a horrible gas well spill event happened near Lake Arlington in a densely crowded neighborhood.
    We have had over a dozen gas release emission events that the general public knows about. On September 10th 2018, Arlington Fire Department’s Sergeant Crowsen said at a Frown Hall meeting (due to a fracking accident) that they respond to about 10-15 gas well complaints a year. Per our 2019 budget on page 120, it will cost us almost $500,000 in 2019 for gas well emergency response readiness.
    I am glad that at our last midterm election that we were able to pass term limits. It is my hope that one day we will have a full council and mayoral seat of fractivists like myself trying to protect the citizen’s health in NOT rubber stamping expansions to our existing sixty or so pad sites in Arlington GASLAND TX.
    I only update my blog,, on topics that I have already reported on, but I am still actively speaking against every agenda item related to drilling in Arlington.
    Thwarting my efforts in fixing the loopholes is that our local and state government does not enforce these two laws that are on already on the books….
    TEX LG. CODE ANN. A§ 253.005 : Texas Statutes – Section 253.005:
    (c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality…”
    Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part 1, Chapter 101, Subchapter A,Rule 101.4,
    Environmental Quality, Nuisance
    No person shall discharge from any source whatsoever one or more air contaminants or combinations thereof, in such concentration and of such duration as are or may tend to be injurious to or to adversely affect human health or welfare, animal life, vegetation, or property, or as to interfere with the normal use and enjoyment of animal life, vegetation, or property”.
    And now with HB40 in place, council will hide behind this bill that essentially does not want any City ordinance changes to cost the drillers money as they have this “commercially reasonable” language that needs to be challenged in the courts. Since our mayor and council have defended themselves twice in the term limits fight, they should place a safer setback distance of 1,000 feet, go to court, and use as their main argument c) A well may not be drilled in the thickly settled part of the municipality…”. At the very least, they should not allow exceptions to develop existing pad sites that intrude on the 600 ft set back already existing in our ordinance. Currently, Arlington officials are only entertaining having to have a supermajority vote to be closer than 600 feet. The next time we can speak on the agenda item to tighten our gas drilling ordinance is quickly approaching. It may be a couple more years before they revisit our ordinance, or until the next highly publicized emission event.


STR’s R better maintained due to feedback on the Airbnb websites

October 16, 2018
Jan 21 2018 UPDATE:

I realize we need long term rentals as not everybody can afford to own their own home, but repeat offender landlords should be MADE to ONLY be able to have STRs so they take better care of the property…what do you think about this idea?

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Helen Moise <>
Cc: Victoria Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jeff Williams <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Lana Wolff <>; Roxanne Thalman <>;
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019, 10:33:49 AM CST
Subject: Pictures of why STR is better than LTR in Oldtown Neighborhood next to my home

I am copying this landlord to appeal to him to turn part of this duplex into a Short Term Rental to have less wear and tear on the property (and get higher rents in most cases) which will also keep it looking nice….so long as the STR process isn’t expensive and too onerous to have.

While you are drafting STR rules, please keep this example in mind, thanks.

P.S. The sound of Hispanic music is uplifting and didn’t bother me when they had it blaring yesterday.

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
Sent: Monday, January 21, 2019, 10:21:29 AM CST
Subject: Five cars and auto salvage issue at 411 N Elm

Yesterday they worked on that white car that’s leaking oil and left it running for a good portion of the day. The sound comes in our living room as well as the fumes.

The hood & door of another junked car can be seen in the enlarged picture.

Also there has been a lot of cars there overnight… yesterday there was five cars…in the morning they must go to work. There’s two cars there right now and it is mid morning here on a Monday… I thought you may want to know that they may be subletting?

Saturday the garbage man did not pick up the trash that they put in the recycle bin…. They don’t know how to use the recycle bin and sometimes it stays at the street all week.

Thank you for addressing these issues.


………end update…………………….
Be sure to read my other letter below this post to council about the lame excuse that they are concerned with affordable housing risked by STR’s and catch the New Orleans piece that validates my call how it is the hotel corporate greed at play.
—- Forwarded Message —–
From: Trey Yelverton <>
To: kim feil <>
Cc: Roxanne Thalman <>; Victoria Farrar-Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jeff Williams <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 2:31 PM
Subject: RE: Will the 2% TPID hotel fee apply to the Lowes hotels while we forgo those funds?

Ms. Feil,

Yes, the new Live by Loews Hotel will be in the Tourism Public Improvement District.  Funds from the TPID are utilized for marketing to grow tourism and hotel overnight stays.  The agreement to facilitate the development of the new hotel provided performance-based incentives (only provided to developer if earned – we do not forgo any current revenue, rather we share future earned revenue generated from only the project under this agreement) to achieve several objectives including:  1)  to secure $150M investment in new convention class hotel rooms (approximately 30 years since similar quality convention class rooms have been constructed) and 2) to finance the construction of the city owned convention annex immediately adjacent to the hotel and Texas Live.

STRs will not generate TPID revenue because the assessment only applies to hotels with greater than 75 rooms.  STR’s are not addressed in the hotel agreement as they were not a concern to the hotelier.  The city’s interests in STRs are connected to Championing Great Neighborhoods and not in influencing in the competitive market of hotels.  As the SUP process for STRs moves forward, I would expect discussion to be focused on how owners demonstrate that they can  operate in a manner to ensure such activities are inconsequential to non- STR property owners in neighborhoods.

Take care,


From: kim feil <>
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 6:28 AM
To: Trey Yelverton <>
Cc: Roxanne Thalman <>; Victoria Farrar-Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jeff Williams <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>
Subject: Will the 2% TPID hotel fee apply to the Lowes hotels while we forgo those funds?

Will the 2% being charged include Texas LIVE related Lowes hotel(s)? It should NOT because we have foregone those HOT revenues for a few decades.


“For example, in Dallas, Fort Worth, and in Arlington, TX, the districts are funded by a two percent Tourism Public Improvement District fee on each room night sale that is subject to local hotel tax.”

STR’s generating TPID’s can pick up the slack where we get no HOT revenue from Lowes related hotel stays.

No where in the TexasLIVE agreement did the City promise to curtail competition from STR’s to those hotels.

Kim Feil 

—-end string—-

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Jeff Williams <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Robert Shepard <>; Victoria Myers <>; Roxanne Thalman <>; Helen Moise <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>
Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2018 9:05 AM
Subject: STR’s R better maintained due to feedback on the AIRbNb websites
We house our mother-in-law when she rents out her home on VRBO. Three of our neighbors on Elm St that I am aware of have STR’s. We have never had OVER occupancy, parking, noise, or litter issues.
Your 2014 Housing Needs Analysis confirmed that Arlington is largely affordable relative to other nearby peer cities, AND that we have a moderate amount of rental properties in need of upkeep. executive summary of the BBC Research & Consulting Firm in the 2014 Housings needs AnalysisI believe that absentee landlords better maintain STR’s rather than long term rentals because of the visitor feedback allowed on the websites.
In the work session presentation, a concern was the availability of long-term affordable housing yet I recall Trey Yelverton, saying our rents can come up in Arlington due to supply/demand and increasing valuations. What is even more contradicting is that “many STR’s are never or seldom rented”.
Your Feb. 2015 Champion Great Neighborhoods newsletter shows we commute an hour a day round trip working OUTSIDE of Arlington for liveable wages…people live in Arlington cause it is affordable. I just wished we had better non-service entertainment career opportunities HERE.
“Your day session presentation showed that 34% of the 373 active rentals (127 rentals) are being occupied for 90 plus nights a year. That is at least 11,430 STR enterprise opportunities and at $85 a night, thats almost one million dollars a year that the CITY will get 9% or about $90K in occupancy taxes some even collected by these STR agencies”.
The state senators office shows that hotels are doing better now than ever economically. This is nothing but greed for your special interest groups and preventing the different areas in Arlington from STR visitors supporting THOSE local businesses. How low will you go to ensure you represent their interests and not ours?
You have already budgeted for collecting $113k in 2019 inspecting STR’s. So why give that up too especially, when you will NOT be collecting Lowes hotel occupancy taxes for a few DECADES* and the hotels aren’t even built yet. Your Texas LIVE incentive deal did not include banning STR’s. 
10% &17% of the STR’s having 5 & 4 bedrooms respectively, which must be those pesky party houses that get the most attention. But the City cares NOT for complainers as we have complained about co-existing with gaswells in our industrialized neighborhoods for almost a decade now.
Your ordinance reads of a fine up to $2,000.00 for each STR violation;” contrast that to your fracking billionaire buddies that only get a non-culpable $500 fine.
You CARE about fracking up our neighborhoods for the money and have given 50 million of that BLOOD money to Texas Live and  N O W want to give away our STR rights so the Lowes Hotels and restaurants get ALL the customers. Just admit that your billionaire buddies do not want ANY visitors spending money south of Division street.
In 2015 in Bexar County, all nine Texas supreme court justices agreed, “So long as the occupants to whom Mr. Tarr rents his single family residence use the home for a residential purpose no matter how short lived…”
In 2016 Ken Paxton gave support to fight Austin’s Home Rule laws to ban STR’s .
Don’t invite tax payers to foot your attorney bills in bad decisions….banning STR’s is unconstitutional.
*“As part of a public-private partnership approved with the Texas Rangers last December, the City of Arlington plans to contribute $50 million in natural gas revenue toward the Texas Live! project. If project milestones are met, the City is also prepared to provide performance-based incentives that include allowing the team to retain income from the following sources: hotel occupancy tax, property tax, sales tax and mixed beverage tax for 30 years from the City and hotel occupancy tax and sales tax from the state for 10 years.”

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Jeff Williams <>; Roxanne Thalman <>; Victoria Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>
Cc: Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2018 11:25 AM
Subject: UNaffordable housing excuse rebutted in New Orleans piece on STR’s as corporate greed…Hah
I was RIGHT by this editorial piece just out that it is the hotel’s greed at play and NOT that STR’s causing/risking an affordable housing crisis…


From: kim feil <>
To: Jeff Williams <>; Roxanne Thalman <>; Victoria Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>
Cc: Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>
Sent: Monday, October 15, 2018 10:14 AM
Subject: Why your STR’s reasons for banning don’t hold water


Dear Mayor and Council please oppose the agenda item for the first reading to ban all Short Term Rentals in Arlington. The ordinance will be updated to be CLEAR  that NO STR’s are allowed…period! Such that “providing for a fine of up to $2,000.00 for each violation;”   verses the Gas Drilling Ordinance offenders get a $500 fine…“If the definition of an offense under this Chapter does not prescribe a culpable mental state, then a culpable mental state is not required. Such offense shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars and No Cents ($500.00)”.
There are 487 active listings …
str internet active listings
Page 10 shows a chart of 10% of the STR’s having 5 bedrooms and 17% have 4 bedrooms which in my mind can be at risk for those pesky party houses that get the most attention.
But the City cares not for complainers as we have complained about co-existing with gaswells in our now industrialized neighborhoods…so what does the City care about?
The City issues claimed in the staff report“These include, but are not limited
to: over-occupancy, on street parking, noise, littering, and a general lack of accountability
due to the occupants’ transient nature. The effects of short-term rentals run counter to the City Council’s established priority to “Champion Great Neighborhoods”. Those great neighborhoods near all the fracking sites right?
Your 2015 Champion Great Neighborhoods newsletter shows that we commute an hour a day round trip working OUTSIDE of Arlington ….
ave arlington resident info
YOUR failings to not attract businesses IN ARLINGTON that pay liveable wages have manifested in taking the low road/short cuts of allowing fracking in our neighborhoods, giving away the store in our Entertainment District to special interest group millionaires who support non-liveable wage type jobs. TheseTexas Live giveaways include giving away our right to rent our homes short term to ensure that the Lowes Hotels being planned have customers.
In the work session presentation, the executive summary reads YOU care about the availability of long-term affordable housing units. Homes that you admit in the executive summary of the BBC Research & Consulting Firm in the 2014 Housings needs Analysis, that “Data showed that the City of Arlington is largely affordable to its residents relative to other (peer cities in the metropolitan) areas. The report also states that Arlington has a moderate amount of rental properties in need of upkeep. It would stand to reason that entities who bought these ugly homes and intend to make STR’s out of them might have kept them better maintained as a STR than to rent long term and be the ugly home in our neighborhood…but at least they are not strangers! I would take strangers over ugly, affordable, long term, rent homes thank you.
I recall sometime after the ATT Stadium was built our City Manager, Trey Yelverton, saying our rents can come up in Arlington due to supply/demand and increasing valuations….so why the about face in worrying about unaffordable rent? str executive summary
What is even more contradicting is the statement that “many STR’s are never or seldom rented”….
summary 2 str
So if 34% of the 373 active rentals is about 127 rentals being occupied for 90 plus nights a year, then if you had 127 couples displaced from a real hotel for 90 nights a year, then that is at least 11,430 less booked hotel rooms per couple per year visiting the Entertainment District.
Why do we care when we are not collecting hotel occupancy taxes for Texas Live for the next 3 decades? Some of these internet service companies actually COLLECT THE TAXES FOR OUR CITY and you want to do away with that? WOW!
Why do we care more about the special interest millionaires than the local residents trying to capitalize on their homesteads that they pay property taxes on?
We originally bought our homes as a residence in a residential area and the City came in and let us make money frack-mining near our homes….the City now wants to say we can NOT make money renting out our homes and how that interferes with the quality of life of nearby residents.
No its not about affordable rents or quality of life, its about lining the pockets of special interest buddy millionaires and doing away with the entities collecting STR taxes and doing away with the proposed 2019 $113K  revenues to be generated for the service charges for the STR inspections.
Like the City Council Term Limit litigation, you love to invite tax payers to foot your attorney bills in bad decisions….banning STR’s is unconstitutional. Why a single individual in 2015 in Bexar County, Mr Tarr, was successful in having the Texas Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY overturn an earlier ruling banning his short term rental. Justice Jeff Brown wrote on behalf of all nine supreme court justices, “So long as the occupants to whom Tarr rents his single family residence use the home for a residential purpose no matter how short lived…”
In 2016 Ken Paxton gave support to fight Austin’s Home Rule laws to ban STR’s and it is currently in the state court of appeals. So the momentum is there to challenge these all out STR bans.
So at least table this vote til my ORR for the Arlington resident 1,055 surveys become public. I want to analyze what the majority of residents want…not what you think your billionaire buddies need.
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Helen Moise <>; Victoria Myers <>; Roxanne Thalman <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jeff Williams <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Trey Yelverton <>; Jim Parajon <>
Sent: Monday, October 22, 2018 6:32 AM
Subject: Should B CIVIL MATTER ….STR SUP w/$1,000 permit fee + $50/acre is actually a defacto ban =unconstitutional & discriminatory
Careful on drafting onerous parameters preventing STR’s.
LTR’s could be considered as having preferential treatments in not needing the same vetting as STR’s.
Both at times intrude on the right to peacefully enjoy our property…but like the gaswells almost impossible to enforce as nuisance.
We should allow the small claims courts to decide on a case by case basis…not P&Z not City Council. This should be a CIVIL matter….treating it like you do with unkept tree’s that become a nuisance.
If the tree is NOT on a City easement, then as your city workers have explained to me is a “CIVIL MATTER”.
—– Forwarded Message —–
From: kim feil <>
To: Trey Yelverton <>
Cc: Roxanne Thalman <>; Victoria Myers <>; Robert Shepard <>; Kathryn Wilemon <>; Lana Wolff <>; Michael Glaspie <>; Jeff Williams <>; Sheri Capehart <>; Helen Moise <>
Sent: Monday, October 29, 2018 6:28 AM
Subject: Will the 2% TPID hotel fee apply to the Lowes hotels while we forgo those funds?
Will the 2% being charged include Texas LIVE related Lowes hotel(s)? It should NOT because we have foregone those HOT revenues for a few decades.
“For example, in Dallas, Fort Worth, and in Arlington, TX, the districts are funded by a two percent Tourism Public Improvement District fee on each room night sale that is subject to local hotel tax.”
STR’s generating TPID’s can pick up the slack where we get no HOT revenue from Lowes related hotel stays.
No where in the TexasLIVE agreement did the City promise to curtail competition from STR’s to those hotels.
Kim Feil

Tax Payers footing $10 million giveaway to re-purpose Arlington Convention Center into an E sports Complex

October 14, 2018
rendering e sports

Rendering of Arlington’s Esports Stadium interior. [Photo: Nicholas Sakelaris}

Yet another love letter to our council……
The ten year lease agreement will benefit E Sports Venues LLC and by that time their lease is up the technology will be obsolete…..make THEM pay for it!!
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Subject: Deny 8.9 Consent Agenda item Esports Venues LLC should pay for its own wireless set up
This Tues night city council meeting…please STOP GIVING AWAY THE STORE and deny 8.9 Consent Agenda item because I feel Esports Venues LLC should pay for its own wireless set up!
“8.9. Purchase of Wireless Networking Equipment for the Arlington Convention Center,
Bid Project 19-0034 Authorize the City Manager or his designee to approve the purchase of wireless networking equipment for the Arlington Convention Center from the Fulcrum Group of Fort Worth, Texas, through the State of Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR), which is part of the State of Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program in the estimated amount of $107,444.57, and execute any and all documents necessary to carry out such purchase. Funding is budgeted in Convention & Event Services Account No. 970107-63102.
Staff Report – Purchase of Wireless Networking Equipment for the Arlington Convention

In reading about the City of Arlington getting into re-purposing the Arlington Convention Center to an E-gaming complex, I posted on the FB site called Arlington Texas Talk Uncensored “New tax revenue stream?..oh wait….this is a city building…no taxes collected, but it could be a revenue stream…or a bad investment…how long would it take to pay back $10 million re-purposing that antiquated building? By then gaming as they set it up would be obsolete… risky risky.. Did this go before council? Did this decision go before tax payers?

KimFeilGood Pulse Dallas Busking Clip 1200 views so far

July 2, 2018

pulse dallas kim pegasus11/7/2018 Pulse Dallas video,


I should not be sitting down …I feel like I gotta move!….kim leg up truth

Here is a full clip of original, “When You Walk in the Room”







UT Arlington ASCE Concrete Canoe Race Results

April 15, 2018
The group of UT Arlington American Society of Civil Engineers students and staff were so welcoming to us as spectators near College Station yesterday. They definitely won the most spirited award and the PRAYER warrior award as seen in the attached….
Inline image

I thank God the race was called off and no one was in harms way with the windy weather conditions that destined most or all of the boats to take on water as it was clear nothing designed for speed would race with those sized waves!
Their CONCRETE canoe DID pass the float test, but the first boat to race did not end well at all and served as the guinea pig amid those white caps….to watch those boys from that other college swim trying to retrieve the boat to shore was gut wrenching.
It was a beautifully designed canoe and we need to get it in Lake Arlington and film her going!!!!
Here are more videos/pictures link Google Photos…/AF1QipMQGyhIjnZp3s1HuVGcSqdXFAn… so proud of my son, Graham Feil!


graham cement frisbee throw_LI.jpg

Review of Philips Smoke-less Grill Infomercial

March 20, 2018

The infomercial aired on Sunday, 3/11/2018, after a local news broadcast caught my attention as my husband’s birthday approaches and I hate to see him go back and forth to our outdoor grill.  I wanted to take kitchen control with just an easy on off switch and enjoy the benefits of avoiding carcinogens in the smoke that contaminates our food when the fat drips and hits the coals of a traditional BBQ and splashes back onto the food. Ironically later after it arrived, I went to Amazon for more product info on this and saw the item was on the California Proposition 65 List, **“California’s Proposition 65 entitles California consumers to special warnings for products that contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm….” 

Here are the issues with what I feel that I was misinformed about…

  1. Bait and switch…$60 was not identified as just one of many payments that would be due, but rather $300 once I called to place the order. Later I saw a similar complaint on other reviews too.
  2. The upsell for a $20 (stainless steel grid designed for the veggies)…which when I used it, my snap beans burned on one side but was still raw on the other side
  3. The four $50 coupons ($200 value for the first fifty? callers) were worthless in my zip code…..scam philips rastelliAND the Rastelli Food Market coupons disclaimer said there was a January 1 2018 expiration date when I placed my order on 3/11/2018…..
    philips scam

    Link to register my coupons

    Additionally the coupons were only good towards each minimum $150 order. So you’d have to spend at least $600 to use all four of the coupons…and the meat was way overpriced even with the coupons in my opinion.

  4. The smokeless grill “did” smoke (*virtually no smoke?) and it “did” splash when I grilled the salmon (smoke-less aka “less” smoke…why did I think if was smoke free?) Maybe they should have named it ‘Philips Less-Smoke Grill” to be more forthright?
  5. Infomercial did not talk about the unpleasant eye burning infrared light (intensified with the mirrors made for what looked like hells gate opened up in my kitchen). The blinding lights make it hard to see how your food is cooking. My attempt to put it on a lower-than-stove/counter-height table still made it feel like the blinding lights were destined to be aiming for my eyes. I had a vision hangover literally afterwards. I felt like I had spent-all-day-in-the-sun feeling to my eyes. My husband actually wore his sunglasses in the kitchen.
  6. With being an indoor grill, the infomercial failed to mention how uncomfortable standing over searing heat can be and how it puts added heat into your home…not to mention the 1660 watts it uses!
  7. **When asked, the phone rep said it was not a teflon coated grid, but rather a metal clad one…turns out it is a lightweight aluminum metal with some unknown coating…a sister of Teflon?
  8. The cleaning on the insides (glass and panels) is very hard to do and unless I get out some stainless steel scrubbers….if this unit will be a refurbished one to someone else one day I’d better not get out the harsh scrubbers.

So (as forewarned) I was subject to the transportation fees to get this baby back to Philips. It cost $38 to ship back all 19 lbs. Sadly the phone rep that took my order said it only weighed 8 pounds in the event I wanted to return it. And so yet another Philips L I E and hince this unsatisfied consumer blog.  Lucy in customer service offered to console me on the coupon fail and write off one of four more payments coming due of $60. Her manager was going to throw in a $50 Philips coupon where you have to spend $75 to use it, but I am NOT spending any more money on the Philips RIP OFF company.

In summary, false advertisement comes to mind on the $200 worth of Rastelli Food Market coupons on their “order now” incentive.

*Definition for virtually: nearly; almost

Open that Can of ASCAP! Cities Need to Underbid and Compete with the Music Mafia

March 15, 2018

Now if the city wanted to collect revenue, they could underbid ASCAP and BMI and be a central DFW hub for businesses to start paying their annual music police fees/licenses to. If we took on that role, we wouldn’t have to police these establishments, we’d tie it to their annual property taxes or permits. We’d create jobs locally getting royalty checks to the artists and producers….instead of giving it to a music association who then pays a bunch of lawyers to fight in court those who refuse to be extorted. The music middleman is the mafia and both the venue and the musicians are getting ripped off…would rather see the city get into that business. The city once looked into owning a natural gas plant…so there you go.”

So I contacted one of our council people about the idea that the city should underbid the music associations claiming to be non-profit…”I met with Aldo at Downtown Management Tuesday to discuss busking and ASCAP liabilities with festivals, ArlingtonNights, business owners, and potentially the musicians themselves….he asked me to ask ASCAP if they’d entertain the idea for a downtown business license that covers all downtown businesses to be able to be licensed to provide live or recorded music…but I have yet to hear back from them and can’t see them giving up control and the threat of lucrative lawsuits….I would like to know what ASCAP and BMI pay their employees/attorneys as they claim to be 501C3 but keep almost 12% of musician dues and venue licenses fees. The average annual license is from $356 to $7000/year (they have tiered rates also they take the occupancy size limit times $3.33 but have a minimum annual due of $356/yr)…why give it to a middle man? Why would a private non-profit who has a PAC and is chummie with congressman/woman exist to carry out federal copyright law when the enforcement could be lucrative to local municipalities? THIS is the business Arlington should look into getting into. If you guys underbid ASCAP and BMI, then they lose their customers…all we need is a software system that musicians interact with to get paid. Tarrant County Tax collectors could very well tie the music license fees to their annual taxes…so underbiding is easy when you take out paying the attorneys. Also the 1950’s legislation that is antiquated in the way of deciding what the royalty amount to pay (there is this royalty board that sets the rates from a legal standard)…yeah is finally being challenged to be changed to a system that approximates a willing buyer with a willing seller market rate…keep an eye for the outcome of the 2017 Music Modernization Act. Look at ASCAP’s 2016 annual report to see their revenues and their growth….I feel they (ASCAP and BMI) should stick to collecting international and unincorporated areas’ dues and licensing fees and let the city governments use that extra cash to pay our police and firemen”.

So first let us look at their foundation’s handiwork….

It is in the red from income to expenses for the foundation by $636,800 but they can afford the shortfall as when you look at their 2016 balance sheet the headlines read…

ASCAP Delivers Record-High 2016 Financial Results: Collects $1.059 Billion in Revenue and Distributes More Than $918 Million to Songwriter, Composer and Music Publisher Members

What makes up that revenue?

ASCAP’s US licensing  $759 million + Foreign revenues totaled $300 million.


But they also collect member dues… back in 2010 a friend told me it cost $50 for a membership and lasts a lifetime.  ASCAP claimed “In 2016 alone, we processed over one trillion performanceswelcomed 40,000 new members,….” so if they still charge $50 a membership then that is ADDITIONAL income in 2016 of about $2 million.

$1.059b + $2m = $1.061 billion in revenue

The difference between $1.061 billion income and $918 million expenses leaves $143 million to pay their employees and cover that foundation shortfall of $636,800.

$143,000,000 – $636,800 = $142,363,200 (or $142.4 million) left over after royalty distributions.

What makes up their domestic expenses?

“Domestic distributions of $631 million from ASCAP-licensed and administered performances in the U.S. grew nearly 10%, up $55.5 million over 2015.”  Of the $918 million in expenses, $631 million (69%) was domestic distributions.


Well we know what their foundation expenses are and once you net the foundation shortfall, $142.4 million is left over to go towards operating expenses.

“ASCAP operates on a not-for-profit basis and delivers about 88 cents of every dollar collected back to members for performances of their music”.  Which means they keep 12% of venue payments. In the “about us” page of their website they say that 11.6% is allocated to operating expenses (run the mafia/pay lawyers and employees for enforcement and royalty distributions).

$142.4 million x .116 = $16.5 million went to the ASCAP (mafia) “non-profit” in 2016.

I repeat I figure that $16.5 million went to the ASCAP (mafia) “non-profit” in 2016

Also in their “about us” page they say they have 150 reps in the field to approach businesses that do not respond to collection demands by email or phone (yep they have an office in PLANO TX)….so in not counting attorneys and if you add the 77 people on the ASCAP Team plus (and not counting the board), there may be up to 227 employees and the average pay could be $73K/yr?

In any case I believe the cities should ban together and come up with one database to payout royalties and shut out the middleman’s $16.5 million to enjoy this money LOCALLY.

Read on to find out how the middleman’s cut really is probably understating if all appropriate entities were compliant and current to copyright law licensing (think single payer system and economies of scale).

And do the members really get paid for their radio plays? Not likely (see ripoff report for one example).

What about getting paid via live performances? ASCAP writes Top 300 Tours Survey
ASCAP surveys and distributes royalties for the ASCAP songs performed during the 300 top-grossing tours each year, as reported by Pollstar. This includes both headlining and opening acts. ASCAP requests setlists directly from managers, promoters and venues where available“.

Another way to get paid is for the musician to self-report via “ASCAP ONSTAGE” when they play live (like at open mics or in restaurants or small concerts and festivals). Note this is a really efficient way to get the mafia informed of non-compliant venues so they can start demanding licenses for unregistered venues (and then threaten to sue them)….all for what an estimated .0003 cent a song? Someone on FB claimed that a well known artist had something like 40,000 plays and got a $12 check….If someone reading this is self-reporting to ASCAP and have been paid, please do chime in how much they got paid and what size venue it was that they played in (and was it worth it to the venue to get hit with those fees if they shut her down in being musician friendly).


Here is what can happen when we shut out the middlemen

  1. All appropriate business types will get licenses tied to their property taxes or operating permits so no attorneys and court systems are tied up
  2. More money in the pool means more money goes to royalties and the city services needed to support local businesses such as police and fire departments
  3. But what about the foundation? It can be administered through local governments.
  4. More businesses will be friendly to live & recorded music.

Best part is we take the ASCAP & BMI mafia PAC out of congress and so that “claimed nonprofits” don’t hide behind copyright law to get paid carrying out federal law….the cities do. That way citizens and businesses indirectly enjoy the benefits of the licensing fees LOCALLY…and musicians EVERYWHERE get bigger royalties in having a bigger pool of money to be paid from.

ASCAP writes, “With 650,000 members representing more than 10 million copyrighted works, ASCAP is the worldwide leader in performance royalties, service and advocacy for songwriters and composers, …”   yeah right and I’ve got some swampland for ya.

JoCo Community Radio Interview Burleson TX

March 8, 2018

Last night I was a musical guest on the JoCo Community Internet Radio show. If you go to one hour into the view I can be seen setting up to play and have a lot of fun with the staff on this link…..

At the very end, they turned down my mic and the vocals were not so loud and had a nicer quality to the sound…but in all it was great fun!

Here are some pictures….

kim joco community radio 1kim joco community radio 2kim joco community radio 4kim joco community radio 5kim joco community radio 6kim joco community radio 7kim joco community radio 8kim joco community radio 9kim joco community radio 40kim joco community radio 10kim joco community radio 11kim joco community radio 12kim joco community radio 13kim joco community radio 14kim joco community radio 15kim joco community radio 16kim joco community radio 17kim joco community radio 18kim joco community radio 19kim joco community radio 20kim joco community radio 21kim joco community radio 22kim joco community radio 23kim joco community radio 24kim joco community radio 25kim joco community radio 26kim joco community radio 27kim joco community radio 28kim joco community radio 29kim joco community radio 30kim joco community radio 31kim joco community radio 32kim joco community radio 33kim joco community radio 34kim joco community radio 35kim joco community radio 36kim joco community radio 37kim joco community radio 38kim joco community radio 39kim joco community radio 40 (2)

AT&T Please Consider This Mural for Your Community Contribution to the Arlington Arts

March 3, 2018

In an artist call for a downtown mural in Arlington  TX, my resume is here, I will not be entering in the contest since your building is unavailable I am told for a mural consideration, and if this idea does fit other buildings available, the Cafe platform doesn’t like android pixels and I can’t upload to them.

My name is Kim Feil and as a volunteer for the arts in Arlington since 2003, I have painted one of two downtown Local Color venues with the UTA student derived idea of the prism of warm pastel colors.

kim mural uta student lutheran center

I so want to be a part of the rebirth of the Local Color of light and officially donate this idea to AT&T should they consider to undertake painting a mural as their contribution to our Downtown Revitalization Plan.

In 2010 I started begging for our murals to be spared…

fb save mural 2010 plea again

FB link

I saved some onion skin paper for a couple of decades (yep) and finally got to use it when I saw the artists call (without realizing your building was off limits). I taped the onion skin to my laptop yesterday and traced out your building next to the Levitt that I’ve been wanting to paint for almost a decade.


AT&T Southwestern Bell bldg at 312 W South St. TAD#40011798




I added the sun and some random colors and the ‘DREAM’ theme….(although windows may not be able to have words on them…it symbolizes my dream to have your building painted).


And a couple of hours later, the first eyeballed draft (meaning the prisms have not yet been mathematically spaced thereof deriving from the sun)…..came to life albeit only on paper……….muralc

AT&T can select any color scheme and their designated crew and if needed I will help try to find crowdfunding for this project as $1,000 has been allotted for the artists call and this project is significantly more expensive.

One can only dream and be me. Even though I am afraid of heights, I have proven to be a real trouper and deliver-er of goods like the UTA Student Lutheran Building I personally hand brushed painted (not sprayed) as a donation of my time. Now that I am almost 56 years old I know that I would be a liability up on some scaffolding…so I if asked to do it myself…I just might…but you’d be better off hiring professional painters.

It was truly a labor of love to be up so high. And so it is with being dedicated to a cause for an Arlington Local Color dream.

kim feil busking truth vinyl parade christmas

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider allowing me to crowdfund this mural idea that is a collaboration of UT Arlington students, Local Color (Mark Joeckel) and myself (a humble musician and not a self-proclaimed artist). It is within your power to allow Arlington residents to bask in the glory of a finished mural at your legacy building that is a landmark for our Arlington Downtown.