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May 3, 2013

My husband, Ken was first one in and last one out yesterday for his first round of chemo…he took today and tomorrow off cause he has a little cold…he tolerated first one good…he even felt frisky today, so so far its been no big deal other than I cried my eyes out the night before he was to get the mediport put in his chest…at the beginning of chemo, the syringe slipped and blood and saline spewed all over his face and hit the empty chair next to him. That was pretty wild to see. So he gets two more one day sessions and then 7 weeks of radiation with cisplatin and then they decide if any surgery is needed which for now is not in the plan. They have given him a great outcome as long as it doesn’t come back and spread to other vital organs…still don’t know where the primary tumor came from or where it went.

Update…. 8/2/2013 Ken has endured months of treatments and is undergoing daily radiation and weekly chemo…today I heard the fracking engines byt he drillsite near my home by the ATT Cowboys Stadium and am furious that as toxic as my husband is right now…he will be subjected to even more by this harmful activity in our residential neighborhood! God has a place for these frackers I’m sure.