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KimFeilGood Guitar Performance Classes

June 20, 2019

I teach incorporating strumming rhythms to simulate drum percussion, & to simulate bass during guitar playing so as to not fall into the trap of boring strumming. I teach stage attitude presence/confidence and dance movement to and from mic. I also teach transposing music to find where to be singing in your natural voice as well as how to arrange your set list and tunings to vary your sound between songs to not create burn out for the listeners. Teaching songwriting can also be covered in a 2 hr/week session for $70 for the first session, then $60 for the next, then $50, then $40, then $30 for the last four of our eight week session with no commitment or advance payments required. If a school student cannot devote 2 hrs, we can do 1 hour sessions by halving the above fees and going for a longer term 16 week goal in learning what I have to offer over my 50 years as a female in a male dominated music world. My edge in syncopating the rhythms began in being a tamborine percussionist first. After learning guitar chords, I was bored with the traditionally taught basic 1ah, 2ah, 3ah, 4 strumming patterns. I teach how to NOT be a boring guitarist, basically. I coordinate the open mic at Truth Vinyl records and hope to have my students be utilizing the stage to refine their skills. Happy learning and have fun performing! Call or text me 817 564-2577.

How to NOT be a boring guitarist….nuff said!

JoCo Community Radio Interview Burleson TX

March 8, 2018

Last night I was a musical guest on the JoCo Community Internet Radio show. If you go to one hour into the view I can be seen setting up to play and have a lot of fun with the staff on this link…..

At the very end, they turned down my mic and the vocals were not so loud and had a nicer quality to the sound…but in all it was great fun!

Here are some pictures….

kim joco community radio 1kim joco community radio 2kim joco community radio 4kim joco community radio 5kim joco community radio 6kim joco community radio 7kim joco community radio 8kim joco community radio 9kim joco community radio 40kim joco community radio 10kim joco community radio 11kim joco community radio 12kim joco community radio 13kim joco community radio 14kim joco community radio 15kim joco community radio 16kim joco community radio 17kim joco community radio 18kim joco community radio 19kim joco community radio 20kim joco community radio 21kim joco community radio 22kim joco community radio 23kim joco community radio 24kim joco community radio 25kim joco community radio 26kim joco community radio 27kim joco community radio 28kim joco community radio 29kim joco community radio 30kim joco community radio 31kim joco community radio 32kim joco community radio 33kim joco community radio 34kim joco community radio 35kim joco community radio 36kim joco community radio 37kim joco community radio 38kim joco community radio 39kim joco community radio 40 (2)

KimFeilGood’s Entertaining Work

July 11, 2012

February 18 2020 participant in Nebraska Furniture Mart Anthem Contest

Another jingle contest I placed in was for Chef Merito…..

February 1, 2020 Interviewed with Arlington Citizen Media for my volunteerism with the open mic, promoting musicians, and the busking initiative in our citizen media interview

July 2019, recognition for my videographer skills at the open mic I coordinate at Truth Vinyl records in downtown Arlington TX…

kim recognition as photo video queen

May 8 2019 interview,, with Fishbowl Radio Network: In the meat of my interview segment,, I spoke about how I hope the song I wrote called “Your Broken Kind” helps get the attention it needs to the subject matter of mental illness and depression,

April 2019 Made it to the finals and took second place in the Cokers BBQ Songwriting Contest!


Feb 2019 UTA Shorthorn article on the open mic I coordinate at Truth Vinyl record store.

January 2019 Hooping it up getting ready to entertain at Levitt sidelines with the kiddos!

Dec 2018 Two KimFeilGood high energy songs at very end of Michael Baston interview/podcast 58:15 into the video,

December 27 2018 KimFeilGood Guitar picking clip “Greensleeves”

December 22 2018 performed with my sons in a Holiday Show at Truth Vinyl records. Here is an extended clip of a 20 minute performance,

kim holiday standing 2018

Carpenters cover “Merry Christmas Darling”,

pulse dallas kim pegasus11/7/2018 PulseDallas 1200 views so far! Here is the link,


kim tv sittn xmas dress

This is my low key sweet restaurant look

Besides musical performances I enjoy entertaining folks dancing too….

Here is a full clip of original, “When You Walk in the Room”

Here is the middle clip of original, “If Tomorrow Never Comes” …

Here is the ending clip to of “If Tomorrow Never Comes” sang at Truth Vinyl where I am the coordinator and promoter for their open mic nights. I also host an open mic at New American Bistro in Arlington.

Here are two Karen Carpenter tunes where I play on Monday nights at New American Bistro in Arlington TX……..

Carpenter song We’ve only Just Begun …

A third Carpenter clip here at Hooligans…

Here is Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” unrehearsed duet with Larry Armour at New American Bistro…

Here is an original in 2015 at an open mic at a coffee shop in southeast Arlington…

And here is a Beatles tune repurposed Sinatra style dedicated to my husband…

Here are some originals performed at Truth Vinyl record store….

Original called “Holding On” inspired by Hurricane Katrina and Carole King….

New American Bistro Monday night gig…..snippet video link

April 2018 Feil offers musician ASSIST work on key change and arrangement, example provided… here

Feil, never ashamed to post the unconventional selfie capture with a cat or go all out even performing sitting……

March 2018 Joco Community Radio Interview ….

Currently Truth Vinyl’s Open Mic coordinator & manager of associated FB group.

kim persis pic

Feil July 2017 pic dancing at son’s music Motel Radio gig at The Magnolia in Ft Worth

Not so Silent Night…

Feil does the Floss Dance for her son’s band, Motel Radio 11/15/17 ….

2014 Failfun Moonwalk …


kim triple pic halo photography

2013 photo session I was recruited on with one pic on the cover of  a book

kim book cover 3

And them there are the Michael Jackson and Slash look alike fun photos……….

Was Tiger mascot for Independence High in elementary school and did own make up

Guitarist and singer/song writer starting at age eight


Was gymnastics instructor; had solo at the 1983 Worlds Fair in New Orleans LA

Was one of the dance regulars on the Scoot in the Morning syndicated TV “Airwaves” for the two seasons that it aired

Did commercials as a solo dancer for a hospital pharmacy opening commercial and was a group dancer for Crazy Marty’s Waterbeds

Featured on jumbotron numerous times at American Airlines Center and Ranger Stadium/ESPN as “the dancing server”

Was mime and clown at church fair and YWCA festival

Make up artist for festivals and plays…

Kim feil does make up

Here is a pic of my work on my older son….

halloween wisnton make up emo1

Managed street parties, open mic, birthday parties, art gallery openings and coffee shop at Local Color from 2003-2006….

Managed PR/open mic events/sound technician for Arlington Cooper Coffee 2006-2008

Promoted youth band My Rude Awakening.

Kim Feil set up and performed photoshoot and costumes

Painted mural at UTA’s Student Lutheran Center and was house musician……

Kim Feil painted mural at UTA's Student Lutheran Center

Jingle writer award receipant for Chef Merito contest

Filmed by American Inventor in 2007 at my home for my jingle and dance/entertainment value…..

Use rapping skills, music videos, blog, and “BenZene” mannequin prop to call attention to urban drilling risks….

Was house musician, scheduled other musicians and videographer at Downtown Arlington Farmers Market May-Oct 2012

Manage Facebook Local Color Arlington Musicians

Has performed and written music for funerals and weddings….

Has uploaded over 700 videos on Youtube under the name of ‘KimFeilGood” and am proficient at editing and adding special effects.

Has at least ONE VIRAL VIDEO…

Can work as entertainer, jingle writer/performer or I can document and upload events using time lapse to make entertaining videos as a product ….

Contact Kim Feil at 817 564-2577 or through email at

Feil chose to feature video of her playing the djembe as her closing remark….

May 2019 STATEMENT on my COVERS: Aside from my rock, jazz, and other genre original songs, I can be lively and high energy especially on my originals, BUT the covers I have memorized are….Carpenters: Top of the World, Close to You, Superstar, We’ve Only Just Begun, then I have one Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now, and for the Beatles, I have Imagine, While my Guitar Gently Weeps, And I love Her (Him), Nowhere Man, Do You Want to Know A Secret, All My Loving,… other covers are: Killing Me Softly, Me Myself & I, Girl Put Your Records On, House of the Rising Sun, Treat Me Like a Fool, Your CheatN Heart, Trail of Tears by Juice Newton, Turtles-So Happy Together…as a soloist, I can’t imagine people dancing to my music, but it’s possible. I have a gifted drummer, Isaiah Harrell, who asked me on 5/4/19 that if I ever need a drummer to use him…there are more covers on my Ipad if I wanted to cheat…I understand people want covers, but at some point people are charmed when they hear an original and feel they were the first to hear it and how maybe if it ever became a mainstream song, they were there to see it live.