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COVID “Recovered” TESTING should be priority to protect ESSENTIAL WORKERS-Remove Vulnerable from front lines

March 25, 2020
FACE IT AMERICA, the window of opportunity to test for COVID-19 and pluck out those positive from circulation into quarantine works only BEFORE the virus has taken hold in communities. Once it is at the community spread level, you MUST GO TO PLAN B!!

We need to be all running on the premise that we have been infected already….and should only be going out for supplies or working essential jobs if we know for a fact we already had it.

We need the fast results, immunity titer test more than we need the COVID tests because people should already be self isolating and seek medical attention when symptoms become severe (high fever, worsening cough, shortness of breath).

The test to show if you have built up antibodies can show you’ve already had it, recovered, and can replace those that are vulnerable in these essential jobs… Whatever it takes to decrease the need for hospital beds and keep our hospital personnel from being overwhelmed!

More details here,
ATTN UTA affiliates help to make this a reality to use our labs more effectively to keep the economy and hospitals going.
There is no use testing people with symptoms as those asymotomatic are just as dangerous to the general public working essential jobs.
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Subject: Fast track to swap our vulnerable essential workers for those with markers of immunity…story here! How can UTA help?

Mount Sinai researchers develop test for coronavirus antibodies

Kim Feil
UTA Alumni
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Subject: Fw: Vulnerable working essential jobs contrary to curve flatteni

We need to have those that recovered from mild symptoms replace the vulnerable at essential jobs.

When they called for retired nurses and doctors to get back to work that is another way to tax the hospital system cuz this people they need to be cared for then!

Logic prevailing does not seem to be in play we are trying to save the vulnerable and the economy at the same time but we’re putting the vulnerable on the front lines.


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Subject: Vulnerable working essential jobs contrary to curve flatteni
If the goal is to flatten the curve, don’t put the VERY people that will tax the hospitals In harm’s way!

KimFeilGood Guitar Performance Classes

June 20, 2019

I teach incorporating strumming rhythms to simulate drum percussion, & to simulate bass during guitar playing so as to not fall into the trap of boring strumming. I teach stage attitude presence/confidence and dance movement to and from mic. I also teach transposing music to find where to be singing in your natural voice as well as how to arrange your set list and tunings to vary your sound between songs to not create burn out for the listeners. Teaching songwriting can also be covered in a 2 hr/week session for $70 for the first session, then $60 for the next, then $50, then $40, then $30 for the last four of our eight week session with no commitment or advance payments required. If a school student cannot devote 2 hrs, we can do 1 hour sessions by halving the above fees and going for a longer term 16 week goal in learning what I have to offer over my 50 years as a female in a male dominated music world. My edge in syncopating the rhythms began in being a tamborine percussionist first. After learning guitar chords, I was bored with the traditionally taught basic 1ah, 2ah, 3ah, 4 strumming patterns. I teach how to NOT be a boring guitarist, basically. I coordinate the open mic at Truth Vinyl records and hope to have my students be utilizing the stage to refine their skills. Happy learning and have fun performing! Call or text me 817 564-2577.

How to NOT be a boring guitarist….nuff said!

How to Repurpose Schools to Fund Themselves=Property Tax Relief

April 11, 2019

HB2 is indeed stirring the pot in Texas. Bill language reads that we have and “over reliance on local property taxes to fund public schools.”

SCHOOL REFORM IS NEEDED DUE TO Property tax increases that are beginning to equate to pricing us out of our dwellings in paying taxes to educate the masses. The internet effectively handles the masses. We have an internet and e-learning is superior in most cases in:

1) being self paced


3) best lesson plans to choose from

4) ability to vet/organize neighborhood small group learning/designated houses where the children are too young to be self supervised and both parents work.

Our governance could selectively and effectively finance laptop and internet connections for students IN THEIR HOMES. We should only have to finance the staff support needed for laptop repairs. We could lose the traditional classrooms in schools and repurpose them to make them affordable dorm-like apartments where the cafeteria is self sustaining for healthy food choices for the residents and some on-campus students. We could even give first preference to support staff to rent these repurposed classrooms to those that are single, or just out of college and single, that want to live on campus where they work.

It could be a win/win because we could still use the quarantined off areas for the fine arts, sports and special needs students, as Christian Kelly pointed out that “There are many Teachers that work with non Traditional Students such as ESL Students and even more Teachers that work under the IDEA umbrella in providing Special Education Services. Public Schools will always be there to meet compliance with Federal law regarding FAPE”.

Some teachers will get impacted and will have to reinvent their usefulness as online or in person tutors funded by the parents or grants. In being a substitute teacher, I saw first hand how our teaching jobs are really just glorified babysitting ones. I don’t want to lose my home paying taxes to babysit someone elses kids. Do I sound too Republican?

Houston Rising Anthem song fund raiser info

September 1, 2017

Hopefully this Hurricane Harvey Anthem song called “Houston Rising” will be a fundraiser song. It also could be donated to someone compiling a footage video to be the background music.

Any ideas on the best way to do this is what I am now seeking. GoFundMe wants ….


So I am not sure I want to enrich GoFundMe’s wallet in these tough times when people really want ALL of their hard earned money to go to for example: The Houston Food Bank.

The very talented Curtis Campbell“iconic roadie for Steven Tyler, Guns & Roses”, donated his time and studio at The Jam Show in Hurst TX.

IMG_0335IMG_0337 (1)curtixs campbell steven tylerIMG_0338 (1)IMG_0339


Here are the lyrics to ….

Houston Rising

by Kim Feil 8/31/2017

kim trump all houston rising anthem

First raw draft melody on youtube unlisted . FYI MP3 studio recording with drums and harmonies is not available until we find a venue/fundraiser internet space for the recording.

VERSE 1: Coastal City washed in pity in the storm of their lives. When the waters rise, so do we like the Cajun Navy.

CHORUS 1: We have togetherness, no decisiveness.  When the waters rise so do we let love Trump all.


VERSE 2 Our energy plan – outdated to stand & weather the storms of our lives. When the waters rise, so do we. Tap the sun & the winds endless tides.

CHORUS 1 & 2

TAG: When the waters rise so do we let love Trump all.

END: Let love Trump all.


update 10/30/18

DFWNORML asked me to open for their monthly meeting…only then did I realize their mission/message was working on legalizing pot. I heard of them before but thought they were a fractivist group….that was artsy.

Since Baron asked me to write a song with him…and he dictated the subject matter….I finished it and he was present at the meeting Sunday…but in my mind it wasn’t perfect and in fact I threw out everything mostly and started over…even the rolling part was obsolete but I resolved that at the 2.nd break of the song.

Sunday I was asked to open for DFWNORML which led to me finishing a song Baron asked me to write with him…and he dictated the subject matter….I finished it and he was present at the meeting …but in my mind it wasn’t perfect and in fact I threw out everything mostly and started over…even the rolling part was obsolete but I resolved that at the 2.nd break of the song. In my song lyric research to be relevant…I learned so much about an economy we are missing out on….and in my view of us needing to be farmers and bartering because I disagree with how we measure our success in growing the economy ….consumption-ism is not sustainable of course…hemp farming in addition to food farming (if fracking doesn’t eventually destroy our water sources) could be a plan….the reds are quick to say the dems don’t have a plan…I have trashed my liver on occasion and the microbrews with their inconsistent ABV has taken me by surprise in my 2 limit actually equaled six drinks puke session….I’m ready for an alternative to puking..but I want it legal and I want it in organic, non-pesticide-non-smoke quality control….What syncopation and melody and tuning would YOU use and lets have a fun comparison at the end product….you in?

(intro) E  E A E B7 A E B7
1.Make it safe to partake for medicinal sake
   E7    A        A7          E
I be rolling, I be rolling
            B7                                          A                         A7              E        B7
There’s money to be made legalizing the trade keep us rolling!
2. Recreational vape vote elect to get baked
   E7   A       A7        E
I be rolling, I be rolling
              B7                                       A                        A7               E       B7
There’s money to be made legalizing the trade keep us rolling!
E                     E7   A       A7     E
Rolling, rolling, rolling, I be rolling
     B7                A                         A7                  E         B7
CBD THC the choice is for me. I choose rolling!
3.Every brownie I bake, or healing oil I take
  E7     A      A7       E
I be rolling, I be rolling
         B7                                             A                             A7        E       E7
Every rule that I break and my future’s at stake I fear rolling!
                   A                                                  E
(Break 1) When I take a toke I risk my right to vote
B7                                          A                    A7
For-profit jail when you can’t pay the bail
There’s money to be made in the penal system raid
    A                              A7                E                            B7                                A      A7
If nobody’s harmed why dey taking the farm?…which side are you on?
E                     E7   A       A7        E
Rolling, rolling, rolling, I be rolling
     B7                  A                       A7             E          E7
CBD THC the choice is for me. I choose rolling!
                        A                                 E
(Break 2) Organically infuse my cola sweetly
B7                             A               A7
edibles, only the best for me
Nabbing the dabbing, smokeless weed is a happen’
    A                               A7                     E                                      B7                               A     A7
If nobody’s harmed why can’t we have our own farm?….which side are you on?
E                       E7    A      A7      E
Rolling, rolling, rolling, I be rolling
     B7                  A                         A7 (N/C)                E
CBD THC the choice is for me. And I…choose….. rolling!


Ranger Stadium Critic of Rebuild With A/C

July 6, 2016

This was when I spoke at city hall re: that the Ranger Stadium does not have to be rebuilt w A/C.

Screen shot 2016-07-06 at 3.58.10 PMScreen shot 2016-07-06 at 3.58.24 PM

When there is no hell to pay…why same sex marriage decision matters to an Environmentalist

July 1, 2015

Re: same sex marriage decision….the part in the bible that I fear most is how God ranks sin…..I have felt hate in my heart and He calls that (mind) murder. I have disrespected my parents (as most kids have) and God ranks that with murder too…so the Grace of JC is sufficient for our smallest and largest (by our rankings) transgressions.

I am happy (unlike this lady) that the Supreme Court acknowledges Civil Rights because we are in the cusp of the most fierce and testing of all temperaments to fight for our basic civil rights to clean air and water. Recently the Supreme Court got it wrong that these coal plants do not have to be reigned in…I hope the next environmental decision will be more pointed at the most important civil rights injustices of all times…the right to a live-able planet.

I’m a member of Liveable Arlington and that is my take on marriage equality from the eyes of an environmentalist. One of my friends has done lock in on tar sands equipment and is not a believer of God and I had this realization: for someone who is an Atheist AND an Environmentalist…..that could explain how someone could risk arrest and get arrested to save the planet for her grand kids. It literally means the world to them as in….“this is all there is…and we only have one shot at life”

As a Christian, I’m a fighter of the truth and I have hope in my redeemer that those who have a hand in helping to destroy our earth (which unfairly affects the innocent) have hell to face…. IF that is God’s decision.

Atheists that are environmentalists think that if there is no heaven, then there is no “hell to pay”.

“Hell deservers” in my mind are for people like Smokey Joe Barton, my Congressman, and for those that voted on HB40-a ban on fracking bans, etc. But that is not for me (but for my creator) to decide.

Equality is an earthly, manmade concept. Greed is satan’s toy, and forgiveness is God’s gift…if we believe and repent – only then would we have an incentive to change our ways.

Since God’s ranking system of sin is not of our understanding of what is fair and just, those that destroy the earth (and that would include law making leaders AND consumers creating a demand for fossil fuels for example) must NOT be making decisions based on fear of God’s judgement day. Rather they have fallen into the greatest force since man was tempted to eat of the forbidden fruit….that evil force is to be reckoned with in the here and now. ONLY of this earth has satan the power to influence and destroy souls……….how will you fight him  T O D A Y ?



Use less


Use Renewables

Do without/sacrifice

Buy a more sustainable car…

Screen shot 2015-07-01 at 8.59.37 AM

Organize-strategize-fratinize-realize that our power is in our strength in numbers.

God can move mountains….and so can the God Spirit in us.

Thank you for reading and or responding.


Screen shot 2015-06-17 at 11.22.03 AM

Karen Arrington Arlington Texas-Strong Woman

November 30, 2014

Karen Arrington of Arlington Texas putting siding on her home last fall and then painting. This gal #NotAfraidOfHeights !

Karen Arrington of Arlington Texas putting siding on her home last fall and then painting. This gal #NotAfraidOfHeights !  contact her at


Karen helping direct at her grandson‘s Eagle Scout project.

Karen helping direct at her grandson‘s Eagle Scout project.


North Texas Quality Air aka Clean Air Technologies Lake Dallas ? Driving Folks to Provide Sales Leads?

April 3, 2013

The saying that something is too good to be true hits home hard here….If you are offered an interview for a Customer Relations jobs paying $17 hour….think again….first the odds may not be worth the drive. They told me they get 600 applicants a day and eight slots to fill.

Second, void of an actual website that the appointer setter has no info on is a big R ED  A L E R T  too…

UPDATE… another gal named Melanie at 940 498 2178 was confirming the interview and said this was not inside or outside sales calls (which conflicts with Mr Kay saying it is BOTH inside and outside sales jobs) Melanie says she has worked for them about 8 months and never heard of the name Clean Air Technologies. She said she did not know their website link and that only Mr Kay gives that out. When I told her that the address lead me to the name Clean Air Technologies (for which there is a blogger out there not happy with their experience), she said they just moved to this new building.

I told her because of some negative information on the internet that I would like to request a reschedule of an interview once I got in writing that the $17 pay is hourly and this is paid training, she put me on hold and then said Mr Kay was too busy to put this in writing.


Please be aware of a $17 hour job on Monster dot com for Customer Relations or Customer Service that may not be worth the drive and that you need to get more info.

The training is at 1010 S Stemmens Frwy in Lake Dallas TX 75065. The interview appointment setter called the business North Texas Quality Air and sets appointment with a Mr Kay. Their phone number is 469 252-3200, yet this info backs into the name of Clean Air Technologies.

IMG_9162 IMG_9161

In a conversation with Mr Kay, he admitted that the job is both inside and outside sales, yet the appointment setter lead me to believe it to be an inside sales job (two other people heard our phone conversation).

So when I could not find their company on the internet I went searching and found

this blog with comments saying they were misleading at

I also found this 2008 rip off report that is from Michigan and under the name Clean Air Concepts and is probably NOT RELATED but the story is very similar in the complaints of the first blogger …… so be informed that the appointment setter may mislead the location of where you will work when this is probably going to be a job driving to different homes to do product demonstrations.

I am still looking into if this clean air machine they sell is EPA certified. One of the blog comments says its a unit that uses water and in speaking with Mr Kay it was formerly a Rainbow vacuum related product but “is now a certified air cleaner”.

This company seems to be working under two different names, North Texas Quality Air, so as to distance themself from the name Clean Air Technologies? 

Bottom line suggestion is to get in writing ….

1) the hourly pay,

2) if the training is paid training,

3) find out if you have to provide your own sales leads to get started,

4) find out if you have to pay for your own insurance/bonding,

and any other details (inside or outside sales?) before driving out for the interview.