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My Winston Triolo kiddo 2009 brag list

January 9, 2015

Honors & Awards for Winston Triolo

1. I was selected and inducted into the National Honor Society for being a well rounded student in addition to excellent grades in accelerated classes.

2. The varsity football coaches voted me and nine others to take control, lead and represent 100 varsity players on the field as their team captains.

3. I was pictured in a regional high school sports magazine called “VYPE” while in an impressive mid-air leap in summer football.

4. “VYPE” magazine listed me and three of my teammates in the secondary to shine based on our past performances.

5. Local fan following helped my youth rock band get signed to a record label, “Aaron Avenue Records”. We are under contract as professional recording artists.

6. Our band was chosen Texas Top 10 bands under 20 years olds for two consecutive years and performed at the annual Dallas Guitar Show.

7. I was voted to be on the Homecoming Court my junior year and was recognized at the pep rally and at the half time show.

8. Auditioned and was selected to perform solo at the legendary Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue. I sang and played the guitar to “Sweet Home Alabama”.

9. I was voted to the office of historian in our high school choir my junior year and received recognition in our year book.

10. I earned straight A’s last summer in two dual credit, college courses while juggling a part time job and football training sessions.