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COVID “Recovered” TESTING should be priority to protect ESSENTIAL WORKERS-Remove Vulnerable from front lines

March 25, 2020
FACE IT AMERICA, the window of opportunity to test for COVID-19 and pluck out those positive from circulation into quarantine works only BEFORE the virus has taken hold in communities. Once it is at the community spread level, you MUST GO TO PLAN B!!

We need to be all running on the premise that we have been infected already….and should only be going out for supplies or working essential jobs if we know for a fact we already had it.

We need the fast results, immunity titer test more than we need the COVID tests because people should already be self isolating and seek medical attention when symptoms become severe (high fever, worsening cough, shortness of breath).

The test to show if you have built up antibodies can show you’ve already had it, recovered, and can replace those that are vulnerable in these essential jobs… Whatever it takes to decrease the need for hospital beds and keep our hospital personnel from being overwhelmed!

More details here,
ATTN UTA affiliates help to make this a reality to use our labs more effectively to keep the economy and hospitals going.
There is no use testing people with symptoms as those asymotomatic are just as dangerous to the general public working essential jobs.
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Subject: Fast track to swap our vulnerable essential workers for those with markers of immunity…story here! How can UTA help?

Mount Sinai researchers develop test for coronavirus antibodies

Kim Feil
UTA Alumni
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We need to have those that recovered from mild symptoms replace the vulnerable at essential jobs.

When they called for retired nurses and doctors to get back to work that is another way to tax the hospital system cuz this people they need to be cared for then!

Logic prevailing does not seem to be in play we are trying to save the vulnerable and the economy at the same time but we’re putting the vulnerable on the front lines.


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Subject: Vulnerable working essential jobs contrary to curve flatteni
If the goal is to flatten the curve, don’t put the VERY people that will tax the hospitals In harm’s way!

Lillian Bailey Magna Cude Laude Featured Soloist at UT Arlington Fall 2017 Graduations

December 16, 2017

Work in Progress….

Lillian Bailey was honored to be the featured soloist for UT Arlington on her graduation and for all the other Fall 2017 ceremonies.


Here was her post-post graduating FB picture post as a true alumni with Graham Feil…

Lillian Bailey with Graham Feil

Lillian Bailey with Graham Feil …use this link to listen to the recording her sister, Kari Ann Partovi, took

Here is her “slow mo” introduction…


lilly jumbo tron 1

Here is Lillian’s sister, Kari Ann Partovi‘s post. This is the source of the still frame her video

Here is her gowned singing performance of the National Anthem at 20:03 minutes into the ceremony…..

Here is the frame starting where Lilly is accepting her certificate of graduation…

Here is Lilly walking the stage still frame from the above video…

lilly walking grad stage

Here is her second singing performance of the school alma mater…


Here is my footage recording and pics…(battery charging)

Here are the other performances…(get from website)

Here are the after pics…(battery charging)

LoVE Ya Lilly Girl…You complete my son, Graham.