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Before / After Examples of KimFeilGood Assist with Key Change & Arrangement

February 8, 2018

Example 1…Ever sing a song in the shower and say…“I could do that song at karaoke night” only to find it is a train wreck…unless the DJ adjusts the key up or down to suit your voice…but what about the open mic nights or those “on your own karaoke gigs”?

Who knows how to find that perfect key that you sing in and transpose the guitar chords to suit YOUR voice?

I do!

With 45 plus years guitar & singing experience, I can do an assessment consultation on skype or in person and get you going in the right direction for public performances that eliminate mistakes such as this….sweet guy….singing in a key too high for his low, sexy voice range….



AFTER FeilGoodProducts VOICE FIX  (adjusted down 1 1/2 steps to the key of G and accompanied on guitar by me, KimFeilGood.)

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Here is what others are saying about this performance….

Alicia Elam Awesome!!
Kim Triolo Feil

Kim Triolo Feil I tuned him down 1 1/2 steps from an earlier video…such a nice warm, sexy voice….must be sung low for best effect!

Court Hoang

Court Hoang He’s lucky to have such a skilled accompanist!

Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil …listening by ear and not knowing the song and missing the intro on my “practice” video and then transposing down was not so easy but the spirit moved me to make him the best!
Pam Medrez

Pam Medrez So beautiful and relaxing to listen to. Love Hai’s vocals in this key range. Kim you are talented in sooo many areas. Just can’t figure how you’re able to keep up with your own talents and always find the time to support other’s with showcasing there’s also. You are amazing.

Kim Triolo Feil I’m driven to make others feel great about getting up in public and feeling good about their performance!!

Thanks why I’m named KimFeilGood on my youtube videos.

END example 1

BEGIN Example 2 on arrangement work for a musician who is a writer only and does not claim to be a singer or being able to play the guitar. He was curious if he had writing talent…which HE DOES!!!