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Six miles separates my parents from storm hazards of Gulf – Betsy was their last evacuation

August 12, 2017

UPDATE for Hurricane Harvey…..670 feet away is the Ponchatoula Creek FYI.

ponchatould crrek to avalon apt

Use this link for at or above flood stage conditions…. or above flood stage conditions

Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil…/registrationLanding.action

This service helps 9-1-1 protect your family by providing more information to first responders. You should sign up too, it is free!

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil Here is the googleearth pic of Ponchatoula Creek to Avalon

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil here is USGS…

U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological…

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil So far this is the best one as you can use the filter for “at or above flood stage conditions” and see if your area is nearby.

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

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Dear Mom & Dad, in living near Dallas and 8 hours away from you, in the event I need to daughterly like force you to leave harm’s way….FYI at least the traffic would be OK getting there…if you hate long road trips, don’t make me wait til last minute to come get you.

Love Daughter

avalon terrace 6 mi from water2avalon terrace 6 mi from water1avalon terrace 6 mi from water