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Texas Live giveaways include giving away rights to short term rentals to ensure Lowes Hotels have customers

January 19, 2018

UPDATE 10/14/18

Its all about making sure the LOWES hotels have customers ya’ll!!! #TeamTermLimits. If 34% of the 373 active rentals (127 rentals) are being occupied for 90 plus nights a year, then we have at least 127 couples displaced from a real hotel for 90 nights a year, then that is at least 11,430 less booked hotel rooms per year…and that isn’t fair to your good’ol boys network. 

Notes I emailed to the mayor and council for the Arlington City Hall public hearing on 10/16/18…

This Tuesday we have an agenda item for the first reading to ban all Short Term Rentals in Arlington. The ordinance will be updated to be CLEAR  that NO STR’s are allowed…period! Such that “providing for a fine of up to $2,000.00 for each violation;”   verses the Gas Drilling Ordinance offenders get a $500 fine…“If the definition of an offense under this Chapter does not prescribe a culpable mental state, then a culpable mental state is not required. Such offense shall be punishable by a fine not to exceed Five Hundred Dollars and No Cents ($500.00)”.

In the day session presentation,  

There are 487 active listings …

str internet active listings

Page 10 shows a chart of 10% of the STR’s having 5 bedrooms and 17% have 4 bedrooms which in my mind can be at risk for those pesky party houses that get the most attention.

But the City cares not for complainers as we have complained about co-existing with gaswells in our now industrialized neighborhoods…so what does the City care about?

The City issues claimed in the staff report, “These include, but are not limited
to: over-occupancy, on street parking, noise, littering, and a general lack of accountability
due to the occupants’ transient nature. The effects of short-term rentals run counter to the City Council’s established priority to “Champion Great Neighborhoods”. Those great neighborhoods near all the fracking sites right?

Your 2015 Champion Great Neighborhoods newsletter shows that we commute an hour a day round trip working OUTSIDE of Arlington ….

ave arlington resident info

YOUR failings to not attract businesses IN ARLINGTON that pay liveable wages have manifested in taking the low road/short cuts of allowing fracking in our neighborhoods, giving away the store in our Entertainment District to special interest group millionaires who support non-liveable wages type jobs. These Texas Live giveaways include giving away our right to rent our homes short term to ensure that the Lowes Hotels have customers.

In the work session presentation, the executive summary reads YOU care about the availability of long-term affordable housing units. Homes that you admit in the executive summary of the BBC Research & Consulting Firm in the 2014 Housings needs Analysis, that “Data showed that the City of Arlington is largely affordable to its residents relative to other (peer cities in the metropolitan) areas. The report also states that Arlington has a moderate amount of rental properties in need of upkeep. It would stand to reason that entities who bought these ugly homes and intend to make STR’s out of them might have kept them better maintained as a STR than to rent long term and be the ugly home(s) in our neighborhood…but at least the occupants will not be strangers? I would take strangers over ugly, affordable, long term, rent homes thank you!

I recall sometime after the ATT Stadium was built our City Manager, Trey Yelverton, saying our rents can come up in Arlington due to supply/demand and increasing valuations….so why the about face in worrying about unaffordable rent? str executive summary

What is even more contradicting is the statement that “many STR’s are never or seldom rented”….

summary 2 str

If 34% of the 373 active rentals (127 rentals) are being occupied for 90 plus nights a year, then we have at least 127 couples displaced from a real hotel for 90 nights a year, then that is at least 11,430 less booked hotel rooms per year.

Why do we care when we are not collecting hotel occupancy taxes for Texas Live for the next three decades? “As part of a public-private partnership approved with the Texas Rangers last December, the City of Arlington plans to contribute $50 million in natural gas revenue toward the Texas Live! project. If project milestones are met, the City is also prepared to provide performance-based incentives that include allowing the team to retain income from the following sources: hotel occupancy tax, property tax, sales tax and mixed beverage tax for 30 years from the City and hotel occupancy tax and sales tax from the state for 10 years.”

Some of these internet STR service companies actually COLLECT THE TAXES FOR OUR CITY and you want to do away with that? WOW!

Why do we care more about the special interest millionaires than the local residents trying to capitalize on their homesteads that they pay property taxes on?

We originally bought our homes as a residence in a residential area and the City came in and let us make money frack-mining near our homes….the City now wants to say we can NOT make money renting out our homes and how that interferes with the quality of life of nearby residents.

No its not about affordable rents or quality of life, its about lining the pockets of special interest buddy millionaires and doing away with the entities collecting STR taxes and doing away with the proposed 2019 $113K  revenues to be generated for the service charges for the STR inspections.

Like the City Council Term Limit litigation, you love to invite tax payers to foot your attorney bills in bad decisions….banning STR’s is unconstitutional. Why a single individual in 2015 in Bexar County, Mr Tarr, was successful in having the Texas Supreme Court UNANIMOUSLY overturn an earlier ruling banning his short term rental. Justice Jeff Brown wrote on behalf of all nine supreme court justices, “So long as the occupants to whom Tarr rents his single family residence use the home for a residential purpose no matter how short lived…”

In 2016 Ken Paxton gave support to fight Austin’s Home Rule laws to ban STR’s and it is currently in the state court of appeals. So the momentum is there to challenge these all out STR bans.

So at least table this vote til my ORR for the Arlington resident surveys become public. I want to analyze what the majority of residents want…not what you think your billionaire buddies need.


Enter a caption “The proposed ordinance defines a short-term rental (or “STR”) as residential premises, or portions thereof, used for lodging accommodations to occupants for a period of less than thirty (30) consecutive days. It prohibits the short-term rental use of all residentially-zoned property within the City of Arlington. It requires booking platforms (i.e. AirBnB, VRBO, etc.) to notify owners of property wishing to list their properties for rent that the City of Arlington prohibits the short-term rental of residential properties. Page 2 of 2 Further, the proposed ordinance prohibits the remodeling of single-family residences for the purpose of adding additional bedrooms for short-term lodging purposes. It also prohibits the paving of pervious soil to allow additional off-street parking for lodging purposes.”



Here is where I participated in that survey earlier this year………..

My opinion piece for City survey,,: Being six blocks away from Entertainment District has never impacted us except for ancillary street traffic. In finding out that some of my neighbors rent out their home for stadium events means that there has been zero issues with short term rentals here on Elm Street.

As long as the owners stipulate two things 1) no house parties that violate nuisance laws (which are vague) and 2) a rule not to exceed people sleeping over per room (two at max in my opinion), then we invite no added noise from parties gone wild like I’ve read about in another part of Arlington with an absentee landlord. No person who lives in the home they temporarily rent out wants wild parties in their home anyways…hotels do not put up with loud parties or exceeding the number of sleepers.

While I appreciate having the owners live in the homes on my street, I envision the vintage homes on Elm St one day being gutted for music pubs and restaurants (like the successful Rainey St in Austin that stole the business from Sixth St).

As long as nuisance laws are NOT vague and actually enforceable, that residential can co-exist with businesses….and mixed use is already been proven a success…it too can happen in neighborhoods. I just fear that the rents may go up so much like in New Orleans that the workers have to live too far away and can’t afford regular rentals near the Entertainment District.

As far as nuisance noise goes…if we can allow fracking industrial sites in neighborhoods, then we can allow short term rentals and homes repurposed as music pubs. Just make the nuisance laws realistic and enforceable. I hear music from Grease Monkey and smell the brewery, but this does not affect the enjoyment of our properties on N. Elm St.

Whisky Tea Caffeine Free & No Added Sugars!

November 10, 2017

I accidently concocted this recipe that your distillery can inquire with me about….I realized its importance when I thought my lil’O heart could handle a microbrew coffee/beer….but that sent me into a three day heart arrhythmia.

Careful out there ya’ll in these designer beers/whiskys when mixing with caffeinated drinks. In offering a caffeine-free blend on the menu along with the caffeinated selections, it puts more transparency on the business owner’s part and is a reminder to the consumer that they made the choice to add caffeine to their alcohol…..should any litigation arise from any injuries/deaths in consuming these (yet) unregulated mixtures.