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TX students at disadvantage taking AP US HISTory placement test w/o New Curriculum Framework support?

March 29, 2015
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Subject: FYI for the 2014 AP US HIST test, the southern states did worse than the northeast
UPDATE 4/13/15 This link provided by collegeboard shows by state how students did on the collegeboard 2014 AP US HIST exam as a mean average that I rounded to one digit.
in general (with Georgia being the exception), the southern states got a 2 (with 5 being the best) and the northeastern states had a 3 as their mean.
I glanced at the other AP subject test scores and found that Texas scored about a number lower for the thirty-three AP (other) subject tests than for example, Massachusetts; they averaged high threes/low fours in most of their scores compared to Texas only having high twos/low threes in most subjects. So its not just the AP US HIST we/Texas lags in.
In looking at the mean scores of all races, the average student will not get college credit in either regions of the US for AP US HIST college credit, however, the mean average tests scores are better in the northeast, but I’m not sure how much of that could be due to what I suspect could be (inferior?/outdated) textbooks that Arlington chose (2002 edition).
Quick & Dirty results AP USHIST MEAN 2014 TEST SCORE (1-5 with 5 being the best)
Texas                2
Georgia             3
Mississippi        2
Alabama           2
Florida              2
Louisiana          2
Arkansas          2
Colorado           3
California          3
South Carolina  3
Rhode Island     3
New Jersey        3
Michigan           3
Vermont            3
S Dakota            3
Massachusetts   3
Delaware            3
Connecticut        3
Alaska                3
Maine                 3
In closing, it was eye opening to the extent that I feel that college board receives funds for their AP testing so that students get a shot at testing out to receive college credit, yet I worry about common core textbooks not adopted here that could be interfering with those that would normally test out but don’t. An example of that is one of my son’s friends (who made a 1,870 on his SAT ) who only made a 3 on this AP US HIST test last year.
Please see this email gets into the proper hands for next year’s text book consideration so that we adequately select from collegeboard’s suggested list of textbooks with the advised proper edition dating.
Do we want to chose the content (non common core text book?) at the expense of students not getting college credit or have we finally fixed collegeboard’s view of what US HIST should or should not politically cover?
Kim Feil


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 end update

read that “…..the Texas board of education went on record against allowing the NEW CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK…” that the teachers were to follow. I learned that this New Curriculum Framework was to be a solution to the controversy that the Common Core text books are anti-patriotic. Is AHS using the New Curriculum Framework? “………..and history teachers themselves, felt that the AP course provided too little guidance about what might be on the AP exam, causing them to rush their students in a quick march through a list of historical events. There were too few opportunities to understand the “why” of U.S. history, and or to make its deeper meanings come alive to students.”
It took some effort to learn that the textbook AISD is using predates (12th edition-2002) the list of suggested textbooks. The list says the books need to be post 2008 or they need to supplement with other material…. “All editions of the following textbooks after the year 2008 are appropriate for use in AP U.S. History. Earlier editions of these texts or other textbooks not listed here may meet the AP Course Audit curricular requirements if supplemented with appropriate college-level instructional resources.”…..

My son confirmed that it is the same text book from last year,……
but to me this doesb’t look like an official AP* EDITION like the book below….it is a 2002 book-the Collegeboard suggested textbook list has this title, but recommends a post 2008 edition.
Here is my son’s AP ENVIRONMENTAL “AP*” Edition’ text book….
This makes me wonder how students fair in testing for an AP test when the teachers may not have followed the new curriculum framework per the states directive “and” the text book is outdated per the collegeboard suggest textbook list?
The AHS VP commented that the test has been revised since last year…could the revisions be due to the need to better give the students a chance to pass using a non AP (common core/AP* EDITION)) text book?

In looking at College Board’s website, I found that historically across the globe that only 11% of the students score a 5 (in a 1-5 point scoring system) and then 20% earn a 4 to earn college credit at some institutions like the UT system (which I’m told only gives credit if you earn a 4 or 5).

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