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GIF of crab eating strawberry incites 2020 challenge to save US

December 26, 2019

crab eating strawberry2_LIThis is so sad to watch as humans prioritize ourselves in the food chain at the top. Especially in relationship to climate change, we are already starting to see the poor be the first to hurt in ocean rise, flooding etc. Think of how the rich afford bunkers in the event of some catastrophic event. We now realize that the elite have already rigged the system in giving corporations a voice that is in detriment to our environment. The health of corporations have a priority status over humans in a sick game called capitalism. Even more absurd is how we spend our “time making money” and our “money buying products”, some that make us sick (example: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, COPD, zantac, fossil fuels, cell phones alcohol,…etc.) Over-consumerism is a zero-sum game to the environment as manufacturing unnecessary trinkets recklessly risk our limited resources and are destroying the delicate balance of our environment to support life (clean air, water, soil, carbon sinks). The elite rich have been buying our government lobbying for votes. With our silence, and our inaction to assemble and protest, we only have our collective selves to blame. Unless we act to change the status quo by destroying the rigged system, we are part of the problem and complacent to a food chain that will be our own demise in over consuming at the expense of a livable planet for humans, plants, animals, and sea life. #BeLikeGreta

Pam Medrez & Kim Feil tear into Silent Night – enjoy!

December 7, 2017


Truth Vinyl invite for 12/13 and 12/20 2017 appearances here….