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March 25, 2016

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Urban Union LLC Tirz1 16-01

March 22, 2016

Kathy Erin & Steven

March 17, 2016

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oh dang this poem

January 14, 2016
wants needs…need to feed….
drink drank…wasted in stank…
house blouse…fancier spouse
farming without harming…nice in thought
things we want and thingz we bought
refuge waste = wasted space
unfrack this earth!
we do as we please-es
humans plant earth’s diseases
#barter#farming = save our species
keep scrolling & wasting in society’s feces
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My first protest was in Dallas….and at 1:15 into the video, I get interviewed with Benzene. The couple after me has a wild ass fracking story! Who are they?

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Sudden Death of 23 yr old Arlington resident… know your blood sugar … vaping safe?

December 13, 2015

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My heart is breaking cause I have a 23 year old.

Here is the 23 year old father‘s FB page…he was really fond of vapes and the Cowboys.

Our bodies were not intended to be smoke stacks…now this little girl has no daddy…”if” this could be vape related, then those pitching this product as a safer alternative to cigarettes need to know about this….or if vaping complicates diabetes (they are still trying to ascertain if he had diabetes) by magnitudes….then that additional risk needs to be printed on the labeling of vape products and vape machines.

Here is the GoFundMePage...they said it was a sudden death. An earlier FB page said he had a job as an overnight Walmart stocker….still researching cause of death…..The autopsy results could take months.

Here are some comments “…our sweet boy gone too soon and not even knowing why or what took him from us”.

“I want him back too I feel so bad he was so sick we did not know poor baby.
“I know honey but if it turns out he had diabetes like we think maybe GOD was trying to spare us from watching him suffer…”
“He was saying his legs hurt he could barely walk he passed out before he could get in the car then he got up and got in the car and kept passing out and was hot and pale when he got to the er they took him back right away and his heart kept stopping so they was having to do cpr a few times he had a fever and his sugars was 500 so they think he had some kind of infection but won’t know till the autopsy comes back but when he was in the car they think he had a seizure so that could be why his heart was stopping just wish they could of got him back”.
vape death?

link to FB pic

joey vape

link to FB page


December 13, 2015

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video of Winston’s bird eating a bird 

Protected: JV I20 and other water frac concerns

December 5, 2015

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#COP21 Dallas

November 30, 2015

DSCN3875DSCN3872DSCN3874I got to lead a climate song…woot!

Here’s the partial video.

Heres the full video.

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ken kim climate march 2015Ken protest climate

And here is the march/video.

Screen shot 2015-11-29 at 9.31.32 PMken climate marchkim climate march w garykim drum

Grandpa’s Addiction

August 12, 2015


You borrow from tomorrow
fracking fossil fuels today
Got jobs got royalties from the shale play
But grandpa why do you waste so much?
Methane leaks-my earth warms up
You don’t change cause you won’t arrange your life
Just to save mine

You’ll be gone long gone, you’ll be gone long gone,
When I’m born-you’ll be gone, you’ll be gone long gone

You borrow from tomorrow fracking up our water today.
Got waste, got quakes from the shale play.
But grandpa why don’t ya think about me?
Where is your sympathy?
You don’t think cause you have enough to drink
MY water will stink!

You’ll be gone long gone, you’ll be gone long gone,
When I’m born-you’ll be gone, you’ll be gone long gone

Try to imagine powering the world such as this
Using the wind and the sunshine,
Try to imagine powering the world such as this
Using the wind and the sunshine
Cheating greed’s death kiss.

You’ll be gone long gone,……………………long gone,
When I’m born- you’ll be gone, you’ll be gone long gone

Try to imagine powering the world such as this
You don’t care cause you won’t be there-breathing my air!

You’ll be gone long gone, you’ll be gone long gone,
When I’m born- you’ll be gone, you’ll be gone long gone

You’ll be gone-you’ll be gone-you’ll be gone
When I’m born you’ll be….long gone, long gone, long gone

Try to imagine powering the world such as this
Using the wind and the sunshine.

Holding on to Yesterday EnviroSong by Kim Feil

August 12, 2015

Kim Feil April 28 2015

They’re fracking us over theres no where to go

Exhaust fumes they blow & they blow

Pounding out a rhythm drilling up the town

Hunker down we’re earthquake bound

They keep XX SPEWing on and it falls out in our lawns

Benzene’s breath is death and the barren land we mourn

GlobalWarming’s harm-the kill mill of our farms

But they holding on to yesterday

In our dreams the air is clean

Fresh water suicide who are they to decide

Like cigarettes frackings not safe

Denying while we’re crying our kids are getting sick

Co-existing means profits for risk

They keep XX SPILLING on the playground “sorry” they say

Letting go is gone – still diggin up dino decay

Global Warming’s harm-the weather is wild today

But they keep holding on to yesterday

Oh they keep XX DRILLING on to frack our water away

Moving on is gone-they’re stuck in the shale gas play

Global Warming’s harm is frying earth today

But they keep holding on to yesterday

In our dreams our water is clean.