Got Coronary Artery Disease? Get EluNIR Drug-Eluting Stent

December 1, 2017

Note:  life saving stent device’s form resembles…………………………………. life STARTING spermatozooncardinal elnir stent

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading global cause of death, accounting for more than 17.3 million deaths per year in 2013, a number that is expected to grow to more than 23.6 million by 2030. In the U.S., about 2,200 people die of cardiovascular disease each day, an average of one death every 40 seconds.i”

On the Fortune 500, Cardinal Health ranks #15…a company I worked 15 years for prior to 911, but I never felt like I could call it my “career” due to their seemingly glass ceiling for women to advance out of contracting, purchasing, or customer service.

Cardinal and Baxter holdings are a big portion of my retirement…to which has dwindled as of late due mostly in my research to Amazon’s entry into the healthcare delivery marketplace….ouch!

More info on EluNIR’s success in complex cases in Europe here.


Guess Who’s Leading Miss Persis Studio Adult Exercise Free Style Dance Classes?

November 19, 2017

Rolled my ankle and still waiting for final plans to move forward. Call Persis studio for more info. Thanks Kim

===First draft subject to Miss Persis Studio approval=====


Miss Persis Studio Adult Exercise Free Style Dance Classes
Fridays noon to 1 pm at 222 W. Main St. Arlington TX
Class sponsor, Kim Feil 817 564-2577
kim persis pic
Enrollment Form 817 261-7921
NAME _________________________________________­
ADDRESS _______________________________________
CITY __________________________ZIP_______________
PHONE/CELL ____________________________________
EMERGENCY NUMBER____________________________
I acknowledge ($5 per class) monthly 4 punch card can be used at my convenience with no expiration date so long as classes are being offered. I understand & release Miss Persis Studio & any MPS employees/volunteers of all liability in the event of any accident or injury.


SIGN DATE____________

Free style dancing is at your pace and of your own design. You can follow along or do your own moves….no one messes up, no one has to impress, just dance, dance, dance!!!

Whisky Tea Caffeine Free & No Added Sugars!

November 10, 2017

I accidently concocted this recipe that your distillery can inquire with me about….I realized its importance when I thought my lil’O heart could handle a microbrew coffee/beer….but that sent me into a three day heart arrhythmia.

Careful out there ya’ll in these designer beers/whiskys when mixing with caffeinated drinks. In offering a caffeine-free blend on the menu along with the caffeinated selections, it puts more transparency on the business owner’s part and is a reminder to the consumer that they made the choice to add caffeine to their alcohol…..should any litigation arise from any injuries/deaths in consuming these (yet) unregulated mixtures.

Hope Sung by Kim Triolo Feil

November 2, 2017


Hope sung that night through voices brave
From captured soldiers singing Praise
The prison guard yelled in a rage to kill the song and quiet the hall
Or sticks would beat them one and all

Oh silence took the place of song
The piercing void intensely strong
Until one tiny note did ring
To cause the timid brave to sing

Courageous voices knew how real
The pain to fight this battlefield
Contagious voices grew until
They drowned the soud of dark so still

Hope sung that nigh through voice brave
To usher in a joy parade
To feel alive they visualized
In cadence marching side by side
In cadence marching side by side

With eyes closed tights and wounds to heal
Music crashed through cold steel
Though the bars restrained their flesh
Souring hearts reached endless depths

Courageous voices knew how real
The pain to fight this battlefield
Contagious voices grew until
They drowned the soud of dark so still

Hope sung that night through voices brave
To sing the songs the jailbirds sang
Where sleep invites a brand new day
The jailbirds sang to fly away
The jailbirds sang to fly away
The jailbirds sang to fly away

Hope sung that night through voices brave

Feil House Haunted Bed on Elm St 2017

October 30, 2017

No I am NOT selling this bed….

halloween feil 2017bhalloween feil 2017aIMG_0621 (2)IMG_0622IMG_0623 (2)IMG_0625 (2)IMG_0626IMG_0626 (2)

2013 Halloween ready video I made….

Tame Female cat found on N Elm St Arlington

October 28, 2017

Update: FOUND OWNER! She let me bathe her with zero objections. Really tame cat not afraid of humans.IMG_0587IMG_0588IMG_0594IMG_0596IMG_0599IMG_0600IMG_0601IMG_0602IMG_0604IMG_0605IMG_0606IMG_0607IMG_0608

Just Stop Denying song by Kim Triolo Feil

September 20, 2017

kim song pestilence songHere are the lyrics to youtube video:

SPEED THIS UP 1X FOR CORRECT TEMPO written 9/19/2017 by Kim Triolo Feil aka BarnettShaleHell fractivist blogger. I was inspired to write this in thinking of the hurricane cat 5’s activity in our Climate of Deniers time.
Just Stop Denying by Kim Triolo Feil 9/19/2017
Flooding in the towns
Fires burning down
Evacuate they say
Mother Natures pissed today
Waters on the rise
Fires in the skies
Heartlands in a drought
Futures filled with doubt
Just stop denying its global warming
La la la la de, la la la la da
Don’t tel me its not real
Fossil fuels sealed the deal in unborn dying
Maniac, misogynistic, capitalistic fools
Brainwashed to excessively consume
Keeping up with The Jones’
We’ll end up a pile of bones
And no one left inheriting this mess
Mother Natures quite incensed
We are her pestilence
Permafrost a-melt
Fracking she has felt
Just stop denying ITS GLOBAL WARMING!
Mother Natures quite incensed
We are her pestilence

Ouch, I just recovered from a cat bite and so this was kinda painful to play, plus being a new song…I need time to become fluent in the song and embellish more and time it better…so first draft!!


Houston Rising Anthem song fund raiser info

September 1, 2017

Hopefully this Hurricane Harvey Anthem song called “Houston Rising” will be a fundraiser song. It also could be donated to someone compiling a footage video to be the background music.

Any ideas on the best way to do this is what I am now seeking. GoFundMe wants ….


So I am not sure I want to enrich GoFundMe’s wallet in these tough times when people really want ALL of their hard earned money to go to for example: The Houston Food Bank.

The very talented Curtis Campbell“iconic roadie for Steven Tyler, Guns & Roses”, donated his time and studio at The Jam Show in Hurst TX.

IMG_0335IMG_0337 (1)curtixs campbell steven tylerIMG_0338 (1)IMG_0339


Here are the lyrics to ….

Houston Rising

by Kim Feil 8/31/2017

kim trump all houston rising anthem

First raw draft melody on youtube unlisted . FYI MP3 studio recording with drums and harmonies is not available until we find a venue/fundraiser internet space for the recording.

VERSE 1: Coastal City washed in pity in the storm of their lives. When the waters rise, so do we like the Cajun Navy.

CHORUS 1: We have togetherness, no decisiveness.  When the waters rise so do we let love Trump all.


VERSE 2 Our energy plan – outdated to stand & weather the storms of our lives. When the waters rise, so do we. Tap the sun & the winds endless tides.

CHORUS 1 & 2

TAG: When the waters rise so do we let love Trump all.

END: Let love Trump all.


Six miles separates my parents from storm hazards of Gulf – Betsy was their last evacuation

August 12, 2017

UPDATE for Hurricane Harvey…..670 feet away is the Ponchatoula Creek FYI.

ponchatould crrek to avalon apt

Use this link for at or above flood stage conditions…. or above flood stage conditions

Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil…/registrationLanding.action

This service helps 9-1-1 protect your family by providing more information to first responders. You should sign up too, it is free!

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil Here is the googleearth pic of Ponchatoula Creek to Avalon

Image may contain: outdoor

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil here is USGS…

U.S. Department of the Interior | U.S. Geological…

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Kim Triolo Feil
Kim Triolo Feil So far this is the best one as you can use the filter for “at or above flood stage conditions” and see if your area is nearby.

National Weather Service Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS)

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Dear Mom & Dad, in living near Dallas and 8 hours away from you, in the event I need to daughterly like force you to leave harm’s way….FYI at least the traffic would be OK getting there…if you hate long road trips, don’t make me wait til last minute to come get you.

Love Daughter

avalon terrace 6 mi from water2avalon terrace 6 mi from water1avalon terrace 6 mi from water





CL the kitten found on Elm St – already spayed

August 3, 2017

+So maybe this sweet girl is about 8 months old by now (pictures taken on July 31, 2017). She just wandered into our yard about 6 months ago and I thought she was the sister of a male we took inside. When they put her under and shaved her, we found out she was already spayed. It is a mystery as to why she was not ear tipped or micro-chipped when she was spayed months ago as a kitten. So they tipped her ear and now it’s time to find who she belongs to. Please call 827 564-2577 if you want her, she is timid and will need to be worked on to get to petting stage, but she is a sweetie!