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Hooligans Pub Kicks Off Karaoke Night in Downtown Arlington TX!

February 23, 2018

Hooligans Pub in downtown Arlington TX kicked off their Thursday Night Karaoke Night with a huge success. Pam Medrez,¬† Band 2:14 members and the September Moon duet as well as other members of Truth Vinyl’s Open Mic (5-8 pm) performers walked across the patio and continued entertaining folks with live music!

Come to watch or perform to both live music events every Thursday!


Of huge note…a patron of Hooligans performed and also killed it as well…….



I do regret missing the footage I thought I had from the extremely talented Karaoke DJ B- Swayze …which gives even more reason that you just have to come hear him for yourself.

DJ B-Swayze can be seen in the last seconds of this video….


The other regret….losing footage I thought I had of crazy good performances from Shelly Michele from 2:14 Band….