Fox35News select 1%-ers Video Stills NYE Mir-A-lago with Trump & Family

Here is an inside twitter view…


Note above hour long video link where I selected photo stills for your ease of highlights. These are in reverse order, meaning that Trump and Shower Curtain Tramp? were last to arrive…


mirlago girl37mirlago girl36mirlago girl35mirlago girl34

mirlago girl33

Bra strap sna-foo?

mirlago girl32mirlago girl31mirlago girl30mirlago girl29mirlago girl28mirlago girl27

mirlago girl26

What is that bouncy, changing shape thing in the woman wearing the maroon dress?

mirlago girl25mirlago girl24mirlago girl23mirlago girl22mirlago girl21mirlago girl20mirlago girl19mirlago girl15mirlago girl14mirlago girl13mirlago girl12mirlago girl11mirlago girl10

mirlago girl9

Face lifts galore

mirlago girl8

Black dress girl crazed laugh…I’ve done that face before too!

mirlago girl7mirlago girl6mirlago girl5mirlago girl4mirlago girl3mirlago girl2mirlago girl1

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