Burlington High Salutatorian Bobby Kemp to Attend UT Arlington

Cudos to my husband’s nephew, Bobby Kemp (aka Salutatorian), on his impressive run (literally-he’s a distance runner). Kemp racked up awards including the Governor’s Award and will be attending UT Arlington on scholarship.

We traveled from Texas to Iowa to be present for his graduation. Sadly we will miss his Eagle Scout ceremony, but am recording this tribute and await his move across the street from us in the Old Towne Arlington District.

Hawkeye bobby

bobby kemp wait

http://www.thehawkeye.com/burlington-graduation-day/image_40e87537-2e37-54a1-a608-69816241f951.html Ben Roberts of the Hawk Eye reported “Salutatorian Bobby Kemp waits to begin the procession before commencement exercises for Burlington High School graduates Sunday, May 29, 2016 at Bracewell Stadium in Burlington, IA”. 

Screen shot 2016-06-04 at 1.34.24 PM

At 39 minutes into video see the changing of the hats

Screen shot 2016-06-04 at 1.33.19 PM

Screen shot 2016-06-04 at 1.33.24 PM

As a reporter/blogger (and proud Auntee), I saw the value in this story for Arlington Proud residents so allow me to digress with a Myrtle Beach picture from long past of Bobby (in the red t-shirt) one summer with my boys…..

Since we’ve had this long distance relationship over the years, I am so thankful we got to sorta see Bobby grow up due his parents consistently “driving the long trip” once or twice a year for the holidays. Its hard to articulate how distance doesn’t matter in the heart but having his physical presence in Arlington is the icing on the cake. We are excited to finally have Bobby here semi-permanently for the next four years as he studies computer engineering. 

Now back to covering the graduation visit……..when we arrived at the Kemp home, we were greeted by Bob Kemp, who was showing off his pet “Hercules”. Here is the video link.

Next we have a pic of my son, Graham Feil, smart phoning/explaining UT Arlington’s degree plan for his field…DSCN6573Then Bobby accompanied us to Snake Alley and the local museum…


Snake Alley Burlington IA-Bobby & Graham walking it…yes cars can ONLY go down it, but we met a car on the way up at the bottom—ooops


in car view of Bobby & Graham walking down Snake Alley


Here is the former library, now museum we toured…above is the glass floors my husband fondly remembers walking on as a child.


Cousin Graham enjoying some cat time in the open space and FRESH AIR!


Maw Maw Tanner playing with the three cats IN A TREE


luv LUV da “glass house”…from the street you can see through to the back yard


Maw Maw Tanner & Patches the Cat




Proud Uncle Kenneth Feil



Cousin Graham three seats down with Bobby’s friends



Aunt Kaye and proud grandmother, Karen Arrington


AND PRESENTING: the link to the video of Bobby Kemp’s speech

Bobby pic at podium

bobby big screen

Here is the video of the moment that his name was announced. See him on the big screen?


Screen shot 2016-06-04 at 8.08.43 AM

Here is the FUN video with the surprise ending just before the tassle hat throw.

That evening the local news covered a story related to the graduation and we saw Bobby TWICE…Here is the family version filmed link of the TV coverage.

Bobby hat grad speech

Local TV snap shot of Bobby during his speech which included a (Homecoming King) hat change. His satire was fabulous and I was honored to overhear him at home brain storming and practicing the well done speech.

bobby tv grad walk

Bobby Kemp passing in front of the school superintendent, Pat Cohen, who was interviewed in the news story

After the graduation, we watched him open his cards and had a nice family BBQ. Then we honored a few birthday folks and had cake.


Ken checking the weather while Aunt Kaye and Uncle Mike Feil map out the exit from Bobby’s house. My sister & brother -in-law, Karen & Bob graciously put us up (all four of us & one parrot) for four nights as we explored the area and surrounding cities…which is like only TWO towns in the immediate area. This will be a shocker for Bobby to be in the midst of a bustling DFW Metroplex.

….and what follows is some family posing pics (and some closed eye balls) at Bobby’s really cool “glass” house that he leaves behind for higher studies in Arlington Texas….



hmmm Bobby just may have inherited the closed eyes pic thang



Bobby with Aunt Kaye Vance of Kansas City Missouri. Auntee Kaye is a musician (listen here & here) like her son, Gorden Schroeder. She showed us impeccable hospitality for two nights and her son treated us to two in-home studio jam sessions.


Bobby is so loved and we R x-tra PROUD of his accomplishments….now he is in countdown mode to BIG ARLINGTON…the American Dream City….may his dreams come true!


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