North Texas Quality Air aka Clean Air Technologies Lake Dallas ? Driving Folks to Provide Sales Leads?

The saying that something is too good to be true hits home hard here….If you are offered an interview for a Customer Relations jobs paying $17 hour….think again….first the odds may not be worth the drive. They told me they get 600 applicants a day and eight slots to fill.

Second, void of an actual website that the appointer setter has no info on is a big R ED  A L E R T  too…

UPDATE… another gal named Melanie at 940 498 2178 was confirming the interview and said this was not inside or outside sales calls (which conflicts with Mr Kay saying it is BOTH inside and outside sales jobs) Melanie says she has worked for them about 8 months and never heard of the name Clean Air Technologies. She said she did not know their website link and that only Mr Kay gives that out. When I told her that the address lead me to the name Clean Air Technologies (for which there is a blogger out there not happy with their experience), she said they just moved to this new building.

I told her because of some negative information on the internet that I would like to request a reschedule of an interview once I got in writing that the $17 pay is hourly and this is paid training, she put me on hold and then said Mr Kay was too busy to put this in writing.


Please be aware of a $17 hour job on Monster dot com for Customer Relations or Customer Service that may not be worth the drive and that you need to get more info.

The training is at 1010 S Stemmens Frwy in Lake Dallas TX 75065. The interview appointment setter called the business North Texas Quality Air and sets appointment with a Mr Kay. Their phone number is 469 252-3200, yet this info backs into the name of Clean Air Technologies.

IMG_9162 IMG_9161

In a conversation with Mr Kay, he admitted that the job is both inside and outside sales, yet the appointment setter lead me to believe it to be an inside sales job (two other people heard our phone conversation).

So when I could not find their company on the internet I went searching and found

this blog with comments saying they were misleading at

I also found this 2008 rip off report that is from Michigan and under the name Clean Air Concepts and is probably NOT RELATED but the story is very similar in the complaints of the first blogger …… so be informed that the appointment setter may mislead the location of where you will work when this is probably going to be a job driving to different homes to do product demonstrations.

I am still looking into if this clean air machine they sell is EPA certified. One of the blog comments says its a unit that uses water and in speaking with Mr Kay it was formerly a Rainbow vacuum related product but “is now a certified air cleaner”.

This company seems to be working under two different names, North Texas Quality Air, so as to distance themself from the name Clean Air Technologies? 

Bottom line suggestion is to get in writing ….

1) the hourly pay,

2) if the training is paid training,

3) find out if you have to provide your own sales leads to get started,

4) find out if you have to pay for your own insurance/bonding,

and any other details (inside or outside sales?) before driving out for the interview.

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13 Responses to “North Texas Quality Air aka Clean Air Technologies Lake Dallas ? Driving Folks to Provide Sales Leads?”

  1. Michael Says:

    What’s the link to the FIRST blogger writing in complaints to this position? I’d love to read their review in regards to this position, as you refer to them numerous times but provide no link.

  2. insurance claims jobs in dallas tx Says:

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  3. Janice Says:

    ****************THANK YOU***************

    Here was my experience with this company/job posting:

    On 5/17/13 I applied to a CareerBuilder job posting for a CUSTOMER SERVICE position with a company by the name of NORTH TEXAS QUALITY AIR, paying $17 hour, promising paid training, advance training, rapid advancement,weekly pay and bonus opportunities, etc.

    On SUNDAY 5/19/13 I received a phone call from a girl by the name of Felicia with a company by the name of ELITE AIR SOLUTIONS who had received my resume from CareerBuilder. She was calling about the only position I’d applied to promising $17/hr. I questioned her company name, indicating I thought the posting I’d applied to was a company known by another name, also in Lewisville, some sort of appliance manufacturer…Felicia said she didn’t know what was in their job posting, she was “just the girl on the phone, tasked with scheduling the interviews”. She asked a few pre-interview questions:
    1) What made me feel I was qualified for the job
    2) What year did I graduate from high school
    3) Did I have reliable transportation?
    4) Could I work days/nights/weekends?
    Felicia then proceeded to schedule an interview for me on Monday, 5/20/13, with a Mr. Luke Kay. Felicia gave me there address as 966 N Garden Ridge Blvd, Suite# 510, Lewisville, TX and the ph# 469-240-0469.

    My 1st red flag was receiving the call on a SUNDAY! The 2nd red flag was the caller gave me a company name of Elite Air Solutions, and had know idea if there was a DBA name or parent company name on the job posting I had recalled applying to via CB. The 3rd red flag was the way she didn’t seem to be forthcoming with any real job information…because she was just the girl scheduling the interviews. She had told me the company had been doing business in the DFW area for 25yrs. She had to put me on hold to ask someone else what the nearest cross street was when I was asking for general directions.

    My 4th and FINAL RED FLAG was upon google searching BOTH COMPANY NAMES: ELITE AIR SOLUTIONS & NORTH TEXAS QUALITY AIR…I I found links to the exact same job posting on’s job board, linked to the CB job posting…see below:,-TX-794f4998f204706e

    I found it very disconcerting that I could not find a website under either company name, especially since they supposedly had been doing business in the DFW area for 23-25 yrs. The job posting claimed they were part of a 76yr old appliance manufacuring company doing business in 97 countries. Seems like a 76 year old company or a branch of it in business in the area for 25yrs would at least have a website if they were doing business internationally in 97 countries!!!!

    I plan to call and cancel my interview with Mr. Kay whom I certain will not be able to answer my pre-interview questions tommorrow morning!!! I’m considering reporting the job to CareerBuilder as well.

    Beware, be very aware!

  4. Janice Says:

    In addition to the above post: they had no website but they have a near blank facebook page set up:

    The job I applied to on CB indicated this company was expanding to the Lewisville TX area…seems they’ve simply moved from Lake Dallas.

    Also: Google Earth search of the address at street level shows a strip shopping center with few names on the marquis…1 story. It even looks shady from the street view.

  5. timefinders1 Says:

    I had an interview TODAY with MR KAY and it wasn’t OK so BEWARE………..this is the same guy I interviewed back in Sept but he WAS then in lake dallas called NTX appliances 17 an hr and NOW he is 13.50 an hr called Clear or indoor concepts WHO knows he changed the name a few times in interview like he was ON something and he died his hair dark and no longer looks like Guy from food network and interview is at Marriot courtyard hotel in Lewisville off 121 and lake vista and Brittany sets up interviews from 4692400469 so BEWARE of these scammers… filing a report and felt very uncomfortable today!

    • Kim Triolo Feil Says:

      What media alerted you to interview? Example if Monster published tis, you can contact them and sent them a link to this blog/comments. Thanks..I jsut tweeted this link

      • timefinders1 Says:

        they post on several sites like monster/craigslist/indeed and more and I’ve already email the sites and he’s still posting and wasting everyone’s time??? Mr.Kay and his assistant Brittany are VERY sick people seriously, google Luke Kay and you can see for yourself.

  6. tra Says:

    I sure wish I had looked into this before I went for the interview. There were several people there and some were only in lukes office for about 5 min. and some like me about 20 min. He called it Indoor Concepts one time then called it something appliances at the very end. and all the doors were closed and there was no receptionist just some girl named Brittney that did not look professional at all. I just can not see $1000 sign in bonus then learning about the company mon-fri 11:00 to 5:00. the getting paid $2800. bi weekly. there was not even a picture of this air cleaning device that he kept saying he was so excited about. SUCH A WAIST OF TIME AND GAS. there were people moving in and out of interview like cattle.

  7. Val Says:

    I went there yesterday and everything all of you have said happened! I got a call today saying I got the job. Thank you for this post, too bad you end up filling out an application and leaving all your info for them to have!. Look out now they call themselves Advance Air located in Lewisville and they never even show you the product they are selling.

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